Belichick's Coaching Career: A Brief History

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    1991 - Belichick's career as a Head Coach starts in Cleveland. Unfortunately, Sony Betamax format finally discontinued. Browns go 6-10.

    1992-93 - New VHS recorders installed, but manual is lost, recorders still flashing "12:00" for most of the next two seasons. Browns go 7-9 both years.

    1994 - Browns hire the A/V nerd from the local high school, they now can do video, audio, and even educational filmstrips if necessary. Browns go 11-5 and into the playoffs.

    1995 - Art Model moves the Browns in mid season, camera gear lost in the hectic packing. A strong start by the Browns falls apart. They finish 5-11.

    2000 - Bob Kraft bowls over Belichick with a high tech display, including the latest in new media internet modes. Belichick is so excited by the surveillance opportunities that he types his resignation as an Instant Message chat room style. Unfortunately, the Pats old stadium takes a year to refurbish. Pats go 5-11.

    2001 - The power of Kraft's technological promises are completed. A key call is made with - yep - video review from within the Pats own Stadium. Belichick rolls to his first ever SB win.

    2002 - key communications and electronics conduits in the brand new stadium are found to be faulty. The IT services company CMGI loses it's stadium naming rights, though the public believes the "internet bubble" story put out by Pats PR team. Pats stumble badly while crews feverishly address the problems, but a 4 game loosing streak ensues and they miss the playoffs. However, a freak win at home at the end of season assures everyone that the last few bugs are worked out.

    2003 - Pats lose two away games early. Pats realize their over dependence on their technological masterpiece of Gillette. A mobile surveillance unit is quickly formed and Pats win their next 21 games, including their second SB.

    2004 - Systems run to perfection. However, a staffer attempts to download porn during the prep week for the Pittsburgh game - forcing new network monitoring and access rights. A glitch in the new security policy locks everyone out of the system and the Pats have a strange loss. They remove all restrictions for the remainder of the year, which works until Brady discovers they have been removed during the week in Miami. Still their third SB vindicates the technical openness policy.

    2005 - the Pats try a new digital video system, but find out too late the bandwidth issues still produce smaller grainier pictures than analog. Pats have an inconsistent 10-6 season.

    2006 - Pats return to the full analog cameras and deliver a 12-4 record. Other teams begin to suspect, after the switch back to analog, noting the size and bulkiness of cameras.

    2007 - The new totally digital system is unleashed, complete with HD and face recognition software. However, with rumors now flying, Patriots decide to continue with the analog systems to throw off the trail.
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    Ha!! Good stuff.
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