Belichick vs. Gibbs and other offensive masterminds

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    Belichick was quoted explaining how good Gibbs was at disguising the offense's intended plays. You know BB and staff have been knocking themselves out looking for tells on film, wondering how Gibbs will change the looks against us, etc. So:

    1. What was BB's record vs. Gibbs when they were division rivals in the past? I'm thinking more of defense-vs.-offense than overall.

    2. Just how high does this rank in BB's rivalries vs. other actual or alleged offensive masterminds?

    A. Bill Walsh. After Walsh's death, it sounded as if BB had gotten the better of him exactly once in a handful of tries. It also sounded as if BB pretty much worshipped Walsh.

    B. Ernie Zampese. Did they overlap in the NFC East, or just the AFC East? How did BB do?

    C. Mike Shanahan. What is BB's track record against him, coordinating and HCing?

    D. Should Indy's offense be on this list?
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