Belichick running a tough camp?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by TrueBeliever, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. TrueBeliever

    TrueBeliever 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Not that the guys on NFL Network are known for their brilliant insights, but last night one of them said it looks like Belichick is cracking the whip at Pats camp this year because he's mad about going 0-4 in the preseason last year.

    Everyone likes to win, but seems to me BB isn't one to put a lot of effort into winning those games. IIRC he uses the preseason to give guys playing time, and given the vanilla playcalling, he doesn't seem too worried about whether or not he wins the game.

  2. reflexblue

    reflexblue Supporter Supporter

    #91 Jersey

    I guess i'd like to know how they know BB's cracking the whip last night if TC didn't start till this AM. :confused:
  3. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter

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    My guess is that it's more about the fact that the team has 4,293 new players on the roster. But it's obviously just a guess.
  4. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    Bill Belichick has never cared about winning preseason games, and there's no reason that he should. Leave that to teams that are coming off a double digit losing season in order to get fans excited and create enough interest to sell out their home games. On the other hand the two-a-days every day is a departure from previous training camps; if I recall correctly it used to be the pats would alternate two-a-days with one practice per day. It could be a reflection in the number of rookies and new players, or perhaps something new is being installed on offense or defense.

    NFL Videos: Belichick getting tough
  5. signbabybrady

    signbabybrady Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

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    They are refering to the week of double sessions to start camp.

    Today was the same pace as I recall in the past.
  6. DarrylS

    DarrylS Supporter Supporter

    Always thought that BB was lightening up more in the recent years... the expectations prior to coming to camp are pretty high, so he does not have to waste so much time of basics... remember many days that he went from 2 to 1 sessions.. not sure he is currently angry about anything, this is new season and some new faces..
  7. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    He doesn't care about winning, but he does care about execution. They were a sloppy mess in pre season last year and that was how the season started as well... Most veterans not named Brady hate camp. Some make no bones about going through the motions. I think Bill likely is calling for an attitude adjustment. No more assuming you can turn it on when the bell rings. In fairness to the poor bastards trying to land a job who need the veteran player along side them to execute or their chance to may evaporate. There was decidedly an air of nonchalance on offense last TC and preseason with Brady being limited. Cassel was lucky to survive it. Had it been up to the geniuses on this message board and in the media he wouldn't have.
  8. PatsChamp88

    PatsChamp88 In the Starting Line-Up

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    NFL Network is usually good for a laugh, keep it up guys :D
  9. WhiZa

    WhiZa Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    The players have had the longest break they've had in a while between seasons. I wouldn't expect any less.
  10. TrueBeliever

    TrueBeliever 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    I can't remember who it was, but a few years ago there was a big-name player who said in the media that the NFL should get rid of training camp. He said it wasn't like the old days where guys worked different jobs the rest of the year, and these days there's OTAs, mini-camps, etc. so training camps were unnecessary and just put players at more risk of being injured.

    I started a thread on the Planet asking what people thought of those remarks, and the way people reacted you'd have thought I was asking if cocaine should be given out in elementary schools. People were pissed :mad: . "Tell that overpaid millionaire crybaby to shut up and put his pads on!" was the typical response. :D
  11. Fumblerooski

    Fumblerooski Practice Squad Player

    I could see the NFL some day going to 2 Exhibition games and 18 regular season games. I always felt bad for the folks buying the pre-season exhibition game tickets and not getting their money's worth.
  12. BionicPatriot

    BionicPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    Exactly. I think, just as he got pissed for the same **** in 04' preseason, BB does not want his team looking sloppy. Yes I'm sure he realizes it's the start of the year, but he wants the Patriots to be ahead of the curve, that way once December rolls around we're on level 10 while the opposition is getting to level 8.

    I think he's definantly going to want them prepared inside out for the opposition this year more than ever. It's been 5 years, and Bill's hungry.
  13. signbabybrady

    signbabybrady Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    #22 Jersey

    real tough 10-15 Vets only had to practice once today....kind of a softy if you ask me.:D
  14. JoeSixPat

    JoeSixPat Pro Bowl Player

    I don't think Belichick gives a crap about the pre-season record... but he does give a crap about pre-season performance... and last season's pre-season performance on both sides of the ball wasn't that great.

    Add to that all the new players and BB's going to enter camp with an expectation of players meeting high standards, preparing them to work extra hard.

    In the end he'll play "good cop" if he sees dividends coming from the hard work and give players more time off than he's currently offering.
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