Belichick opens up a little bit

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Willie55, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Willie55

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  2. marty

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    Read that this morning and wasn't overly impressed with this Bella English. A lot of previously exhausted ground. The only thing of note was the quote by the NJ court official that said charges against BB by the husband were baseless and merely an attempted to ruin a reputation. Always knew that husband was just another crazy JEst fan!!!!
  3. DarrylS

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    Copied it for my BB collection and just finished reading it, not impressed, lots of words little substance.. for a 2 hour interview, must have been a lot of down time. This should've been done by Reiss, Curran or someone who understands more than this writer does.
  4. marty

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    That says it perfectly!!!:rocker:
  5. PatsMyBoyz!

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    Nothing new there which begs the question "Dear Glob,why bother"? I have my own opinions on the answer :D I found the undertone somewhat negative with a few warm fuzzies thrown in,probably under the guise of "fairness".
    **After Patriots owner Robert Kraft hired Belichick in 2000, Kraft got a call from Browns owner Art Modell, who had fired Belichick in 1995 for reasons that included a losing record and differences in style. "You're not getting Prince Charming," :rofl:
  6. Fumblerooski

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    Yeah, LOL on that one. At least the big boys can understand when they are hated by their HC.
  7. Mike the Brit

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    My goodness! Is that the best she can come up with after a two-hour sit-down with BB? Who is this reporter anyway? Does she know anything about Bill Belichick? About football? Has she watched Patriots All-Access? The coverage of the Pro Bowl? I'd love to see a recording of the interview. As it is, I can just imagine what went on. Thank goodness, BB is far too smart for her!

    The bit I like is where she goes into touchy-feely, vulture "please-share-your-pain-so-I-can-splash-it-all-over-the-newspaper-for-a-bunch-of-emotional-voyeurs" mode and asks about his "tough year". BB replies that he's had worse years than 14-5. My man!

    Oh and the quote from Art Modell is priceless! Not that he would be prejudiced about BB or anything ...

    Memo to the Globe. The next time BB agrees to a two-hour interview, feel free to PM me. I promise you that I will write you a better story -- and I'll do it for nothing!
  8. vyrago

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    Didn't a recent report that the woman reversed her previous claim and admitted to having received money from Belichick say that Belichick's deposition was now no longer required?

    The point of trying to get Belichick to give a deposition was to impeach her previous testimony that she had NOT received money from Belichick and perhaps get her for perjury. That is all moot now, thus, this piece is not only old, it is now inaccurate.

    Also, don't you just love Art Modell warning Bob Kraft that he is not getting Prince Charming? ART MODELL!!!! Mr. charm himself.
  9. 363839

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    I thought the Modell quote was surprisingly quite accurate about BB. He really isn't prince the press, anyway. Kraft DID give him some leeway, in fact, plenty and BB DID deliver.
  10. Willie55

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    I was actually surprised he actually sat down with anybody from the Globe (except Reiss).

    The two quotes - from Byrne and Modell - made me chuckle.
  11. Hoodie

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    According to the NY Post and Bruce Allen on Boston Mdia Sports Watch, the Shennoca's have reached a financial settlement and BB will not be required to testify.

    I wondered who talked him into giving this interview, Stacy James?
  12. DarrylS

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    If he did, this is a major faux pas for him, of all of the interviews and stories on BB that I have collected this is by far the worse..
  13. NE_PATS_FAN_54

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    the part of about he regretting to keep robbie gould around is very interesting
  14. pats60

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    I thought that was the only thing that came out of the article.
  15. I didn't know that by being a head coach, you had to make a fashion statement.

    WGAF about the way you look? I always thought that it was all about x's and o's...

    "The New York Daily News ran a story headlined "The Rise of Bill Bully-chick." Sports analyst Boomer Esiason remarked that he was disgusted with Belichick, whose behavior with the media he called unprofessional." Boomer should know better than this sh!te...

    "Bob Costas commented on Belichick's lack of maturity in ignoring Manning and snubbing a reporter: "Here's a guy who goes down already on the short list as one of the greatest coaches in NFL history. . . . I would hope Bill Belichick's personal graciousness could approach his personal greatness as a coach." Costas is usually this inept... sort of expect this drivel...
  16. Sean Pa Patriot

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    I thought the Reiss piece a month ago was alot better, this was a fair at best article...
  17. patsacolachick

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    Booo! The Coach gives you two hours and this is all you can come up with, stuff any fan of BB's already knows????? Booooooo!!! I want a do over with a real writer!!!
  18. Patriot Missile

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    I'm very dissapointed in the article. I just lost 5 minutes of my life I can't get back now.
  19. PATSNUTme

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    When did this come out? And why wasn't it splashed on the front page of the Herald like the first story?:mad:
  20. Isaac

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    That was horrible, seemed more like a 2-minute interview she grabbed as BB headed to the bathroom.

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