Belichick did a great job of making the Broncos Superbowl favorites

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by VOODOOZF, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Not only did Bill Belichick bite his nose to spite his face in regards to Wes Welker (232 rec, 2,329 yds, 13td's and 31 games over the last two years) and Danny Amendola (64 rec, 684 yards, 3td's and 11 games played over the last two seasons) but in the process he created the best offense in the NFL and made the Patriots main competiton the Denver Broncos the odds on favorite to represent the AFC in the Superbowl.

    I would love for someone to tell me how the Patriots are going to matchup with Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, Damaryius Thomas and Eric Decker with a defense (that most likely will not include Talib) that made Joe Flacco look like Joe Montana when they meet in the playoffs.

    I don't care what anyone says there is more than meets the eye here in regards to Belichick and Welker. I can't help but remember the first couple of games of the year in 2012 when Belichick essentially benched All Pro Welker for a mediocrity like Edelman. And please Kool Aid drinkers spare me the nonsense about Edelman being a better blocker than Welker.

    Even Tom Brady is said to be furious over this move Report: Tom Brady source irked by Wes Welker move -

    Welker going to play with Peyton Manning and the Broncos is a nightmare scenario for Patriot fans...Way to get value Bill
  2. Sciz

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    Did you even read that article you linked to?
  3. Bruins29

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  4. ArchAngel007

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    Sure Broncps improved offensively but I still think they can't keep up with the Pats of they don't improve their defense and running game.
  5. Jackson 2

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    Stop. You sound foolish.
  6. DropKickFlutie

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    3 Ram players now are all McDaniels
    Plus Greg Salas last year. And Lloyd

    Not to mention Maroney, Jackson, and O'Connell
  7. Joker

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    your link is garbage...the writer refers to Tom Curran tweet that Curran, himself, admiited was a mistake on his's right HERE on this page

    Prentice is Curran

    VOODOOZF Practice Squad Player

    Yes, I did and this isn't the only source that says Brady is upset with the Patriots.

    Here is a quote from the article.

    "A short time after news of Welker's defection broke Wednesday, Tom Curran of Comcast SportsNet New England reported that he spoke to a Tom Brady source, who is "beyond enraged" at the terms of Welker's deal. The words "disgrace" and "disservice" also were used"

    You guys may be willing to drink the Kool Aid, but it seems Tom Brady isn't.
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    Because one of 2 things will happen: Peyton will throw a pick at a crucial moment or Welker will drop a pass right in his hands at a crucial moment. Book it.
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    Stokley had 45 receptions for 544 yards ... 12.1 AVG... and 5 TD's

    Welker had 118 receptions for 1354 yards ... 11.5 Avg ... and 6 TD's.

    I think it's a bit premature to think Welker will outperform Stokley if he gets @ the same receptions. is Welker a huge upgrade over Stokley or slight upgrade or similar in that offense? Those questions are TBD.

    Stokley's career average is 13.6 to Welker's 11.2 ... could well be a wash for Denver.
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    Seriously? I don't care for the OP's tone, but right now the Broncos are superior to the Pats on paper. They are going to be scary good next season.
  12. supafly

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    Before you go spouting off stats where Welker played with Tom Brady and Amendola played with Sam Bradford and a lousy offense, you should compare Welker's first few yrs in the NFL with Amendola's.

    Belichick provided a decent option as a slot receiver for Brady for the next 5 yrs. He was the #1 option outside of Wes Welker, and many here were talking about Amendola last offseason.

    Apparently Belichick would have been fine with paying Welker 5 million for the next couple of seasons. Denver upped their offer to 6 million and outbid them.

    Right, because we'll surely be screwed if we lose a CB who has missed 26 games in his 5 yr career (averaging 1/3 of every season), haven't finished a season in three years straight, and brought over the same nagging two injury concerns of hip and hamstring that placed him on season ending IR for the 2011 and 2010 seasons.

    It also should be noted that Talib missed almost 50% of the reps here in NE this year with those same 2 nagging injuries.

    Whatever will we do without this player?

    This really shouldn't even be given an explanation, since it wasn't Tom Brady saying these things at all, but a "person who knows Tom..." What the hell does that even really mean?

    You're claiming that "Tom is furious over this" couldn't be further from the truth, and even if he is--he'll get over it by the summertime.

    If Brady didn't have a good hint in the past 2 yrs that they weren't keeping Welker then shame on him for being that ignorantly stupid.
  13. Sciz

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    The SOURCE is enraged, not Brady himself, as explained by Curran himself on this forum.
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    Who knows if they are going to be "scary good" next year. What if Manning or Welker hit the age wall. What if they cut Dummervil like they are rumored to do on Friday if he doesn't take a pay cut (and some are saying even if he takes a pay cut).

    Around this time last year, the Bills were going to be one of the most improved teams in the league with all the additions they added, the Seahawks were a joke, and the Giants were odds on favorites to repeat as Super Bowl champs (or at least in the top 2-3 teams as favorites). In reality, the Bills were just as bad as they were the year before, the Seahawks were one of the better teams in the league, and the Giants missed the playoffs all together.

    Far too early to be predicting anything especially since the Broncos still have some major holes on defense to address.
  15. furley

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    So I reckon one can say the same about Minnesota trading Percy Harvin to Seattle. I mean, Seattle's offense certainly improves from this season. And we all know how scary that defense can be. And they'd signed Cliff Avril to boot.
  16. Bruins29

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    The Broncos won the March Superbowl? Then there is the April SB. Then the May one...

    etc etc etc
  17. supafly

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    Not to sound too cliche, but you really can't worry about what the other teams are doing vs. making moves that are in the best interests of your own team. Amendola is a good choice for a younger and quicker version of Welker, and he already knows the system. Hopefully he can get by without a weird injury as that is my only concern and also why I'd prefer that we resign Edelman too. Belichick isn't stupid. He has a plan.

    Denver was already very good last year as they had Brandon Stokely as their slot guy who caught almost 50 balls, and was very familiar with Manning and his offense. We had to account for him last season when we played so I imagine they'll have to cover the slot guy again still, only this time that position will be improved with Welker.

    Keep in mind that they will also be taking away from some of the production of Thomas and Decker, who basically each caught 100 balls last year. There are only so many to go around. People were saying the same things about us this year with our receiving options.
  18. deters

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  19. Deus Irae

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    It's early, but I'd expect that, for Vegas, the 3 favorites right now would be the 49ers, Seahawks and Broncos.
  20. Foxypats

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    I will admit that I am slightly miffed at this. I am sad to see Welker go and espeacially to the Broncos. Not sure what happened, I wish him well and really hope that this doesn't come back to bite the Pats!!

    I was hoping we would have gone after Mike Wallace or even Cruz . The Pats seem unusally quite this free agent season!
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