Belichick Confirms RB Demps is Done For 2012

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  1. Article Article In the Starting Line-Up

    Belichick Confirms RB Demps is Done For 2012
    By: Ian Logue

    Belichick confirmed on Sunday that fans have to wait until 2013 to see Jeff Demps again....

  2. neuronet

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    Well that sucks. :bricks:

    Get well, bulk up, get in football shape, come back and save our kickoff returns.
  3. Gwedd

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    Concur. He can still go to meetings, learn the playbook, etc. This will just be a redshirt season for him.
  4. supafly

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    Like I said Friday, I would have been pretty surprised if Belichick decided to use the one IR exemption on a special team only player who wasn't going to contribute on offense, had no knowledge of the system whatsoever, and was in his rookie year to boot.

    I think we could probably literally name about 25 players (at least) who would be much, much more important to the success of the NEP this season, and could've used the IR exemption if needed.

    From what the rules clearly state, it was never really an option anyway. I'm not sure where the whole "retroactive" rumor came from, but the rule stated that you had to be on the roster on Sept.4th of this year--and that you had to have made the original 53 man roster.
  5. One question I have is can a player refuse being put on injured reserve? I'm not sure if this is the case with Demps, but I think players should have the right to not be stashed away for next year.
  6. MoLewisrocks

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    They can absolutely grieve their injury status. They don't because most if not all are placed on IR at full pay for good reason. That can run the gammut from not ready to play for anyone due to an acute albeit not career threatening injury ergo out of work anyway to some level of injury between too dinged up to play in the short term to potentially career threatening. From a career standpoint both sides want players to play. But absent an ability to do so effectively in the present, the alternative is unemployment among a pool of a thousand and being assessed by additional prospective employers when you are far from at your best.

    In the case of rookies, they are actually often used to being red shirted at the next level. Teams warn them not to count on it. But given the nature of the beast (combine prep vs. football prep) many find themselves praying for it as cutdowns approach. This will probably serve Demps best in the long run, and if he's as smart as they make him sound he gets that. He chose a team who puts players in a position to win and seldom hangs anyone out to dry in desperation. He doesn't have to suck it up and try to push through pain to remain on the field or the roster. He gets time to let whatever ails him abate and then he gets a do over beginning with a full off season in 2013. If he were perceived as a marginal talent he probably doesn't even get the opportunity. If he were a projected ROY candidate they'd probably wait him out.

    And this nothing wrong with him crap is just that. We all saw the hit and he reportedly was walking with a pronounced limp in the locker room. X-rays and MRI were negative, but all that indicates is it wasn't a severe injury. Most likely a bone bruise that will be painful for weeks. That the kid reported himself as fine was probably indicative of relief that it was not a serious injury. That doesn't mean it isn't an injury.
  7. Bassman

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    According to league rules a player placed on IR must have an injury serious enough that they would not be able to practice or play for 6 weeks. The league has the right to perform their own physical examination on any player placed on IR.
  8. JoeSixPat

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    And of course Demps could challenge his status and petition to go to waivers if he werent truly serious injured and/or wanted play right away.

    So if there's any conspiracy here, Demps is in on it and if he is in on it, that means he wisely views a year on IR as in his best personal interest.
  9. Bassman

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    Call it what you want, but after a report by the Globe that an MRI on Demps showed no serious injury, the one thing you don't need is a league inquiry.
  10. The Gr8est

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    Any particular reason why Demps should be singled out for an investigation?

    How many other players went on IR during the last two cutdowns? Are you suggesting that ALL of those should be investigated as well?

    If not, why just Demps?

    What team do you root for?
  11. Deus Irae

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    That is incorrect.
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