Belichick and McDaniels Q&A, 11/25

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  1. Christopher_Price

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    Thanks to the Patriots’ PR staff, here are the transcripts of Bill Belichick’s and Josh McDaniels’ Q&A with the media from earlier today: Bill Belichick BB: Watching the Steelers, they are a pretty impressive football team. They certainly do a lot of things well. You see their defense ranked at the top of the league in just [...]

  2. chrisfx811

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    Funny question about 'babying' Cassel. Good stuff, will be interesting to see what McD brings to the table against the Pitt D.
  3. Leave No Doubt

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    Josh on Ben Watson:

    "Q: When you guys are in a three-wide receiver set, it is normally Ben Watson in at the tight end in that package. What is it about him that you want him in on that package?
    JM: Ben [Watson] gives us a lot of things. He has done a good job in terms of his run blocking in that offensive grouping. The week before [vs. New York Jets] he caught a number of balls and was open. He has the ability to do that on a consistent basis. He has been a decent run blocker on that edge and has improved in his protection. We feel like he gives us a solid presence on the edge. He has been here for a number of years and knows what to do, not that David [Thomas] doesn’t. David has been in the game also in certain situations. Ben is that guy most of the time when we are in those three-receiver sets."
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