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    Many commented on how BB "looked" like he didn't want to be at the rally in Foxborough. I think that is more a reflection on how he feels being the focus of attention, not how he felt about the event. Greatest F'n Coach eva, but folks (especially rival fans) gotta criticize his social skills standing on a stage.

    Here's his thoughts on the event:

    Coach Bill Belichick and several players called it a memorable day, one that provided momentum entering Super Bowl XLII.

    "It was a great morning [at the rally], the whole lower bowl, halfway around the field was filled, and there was a real light snow coming down, so it was a little bit of a romantic setting," Belichick said about an hour after the team's arrival in Phoenix.

    "It was snow like we've had in some of our games, and a little chill in the air, but a great, enthusiastic crowd. I got to the stadium several hours before the rally started and people were already starting to arrive, so it was a great sendoff."
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