BB sure is a tough interview.

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by 363839, Aug 11, 2007.

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    A while back I posted a mock pre-draft interview with BB and it came pretty close to what he later actually said. With him it's always a variation of: "There were some good things and some things we did not so good. We just need to play better and coach better. Hopefully, we'll have a good week of practice coming up and iron some of those things out. We still have a lot to do and a long way to go."
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    And something all fans have known for the past five years requires its own thread.:rolleyes:
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    Gee Coach Bill, how's the game plan coming for next week?

    Day-to-day son, day-to-day...... :cool:
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    Well, it CAN be frustrating sometimes... I sometimes think, well, why can't he be like the other coaches and allow more access to himself, the players, let NFLN do a show on their training camp, etc etc. For instance, last night I watched on HBO the Kansas City Chiefs training camp... They showed the serious, and the funny, all the work, classroom, the rookies learning the plays, talking about LJ, etc... They had players in the locker room dancing, it was funny as hell and the next day Herm puts it on a tape, and shows the WHOLE team, and has everybody making fun of the player, Ty Law included... I wonder which player in the Pats locker room is the dancer, you know there is one, but we will never know, because it's always serious, all the time, that we see... We will never really get the "inside" scoop of all patriots because it's treated like a top secret official document... :(
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    I think I remember that one. Ar you the one that does the Belistrator?
    That was some funny stuff.
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    I'd like him to do some more clips for NFLN in practice.
    God knows they have enough of Herm Edwards.
    But there are some clips with some quotes like..
    Talking to OL.
    "How can I put you in as starter if you don't even know your assignment."
    My personal favorite...
    " It's situational football, and I don't want to hear about what that situation might be, I just want you to play them. Got it?!"
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    I get the feeling that BB would rather have a root canal or be in a car accident than have his practice filmed and miked by NFL Network. Just doesn't seem to jibe with his personal tendencies . . .

    On the other hand, Edwards loves the camera and mikes and doesn't stop talking . . . Agreed, they have enough of Herm to last several lifetimes.

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