BB positive on Seau and Sullivan

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by R_T26, Aug 27, 2006.

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  2. zippo59

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    He definitely had some kind words for Sullivan, relative to Belichick-speak. This guy probably has a good chance of making the roster.
  3. SVN

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    i wouldnt read much into it.he never ever says a player is bad or is of his trademarks. he said the same good things about beisel a few weeks back and the guy doesnt play till the late 3rd quarter! i take it for what it is ..BB just responding to questions from his list of answers.
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  4. lobster

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    My guess is Belichick see's a lot of potential there for Sullivan and wanted to give him extra encouragement.

    Also the new Defensive Coordinator did a fantastic job with all the blitzes and motion, and it paid off with 7 Sacks.
  5. smg93

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    Those words should be very encouraging to Sullivan. I just hope he doesn't rest on those "laurels" and keeps on working harder. I'm rooting for this guy to become a player in the near future. I hope I'm not wrong.
  6. sarge

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    I've heard the guys name brought up more and more with each game. He seems to be starting to make some plays.

    Granted those plays were mostly against scrubbs (mostly or all), but considering week 1 he did nothing against the scrubs, that is pretty encouraging
  7. RoughingthePasser

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    This is a great thread.
    Some people believe everything in life is chaotic and some feel things happen for a reason.

    The Junior aquisition may just be timing....but I feel it was a good fit.
    I feel that our guys will motivate (or re-activate) Juniors nasty play. We are all excited and Sully can only bring good thing to our D line production.
    He needs to pay his dues like everyone else.

    I love these two and grateful they have our backs this year.
  8. JoeSixPat

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    Yup - and last week on EEI he said he would definately consider keeping two kickers on the roster and then cut Gramattica the next day

    But I heard him on EEI this afternoon and he was definately emphasizing the improvement he's seen with Sullivan

    Compare that to what he said about Caldwell, which was REALLY classic BB-speak... when asked about Caldwell's perfomance he noted that they've seen some progress in practice but that it's difficult for Caldwell to translate that on the field in game situations (or words to that effect) and that Caldwell has had some good moments in the 2nd half of games (translation: Caldwell needs to show more in game situation - and even in game situations, needs to show he can do it against someone other than the 3rd stringers)

    given the absolute lack of WRs I don't see Caldwell being cut, but BB couldn't have made it more clear that his production needs to improve
  9. PatsWickedPissah

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    Great translation of classic BB speak. Would that the press had a clue.
  10. italian pat patriot

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    he was positive on Martin Gramatica too
  11. Oswlek

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    Yesterday on WEEI, BB said that Sullivan has gotten better with every game and also every practice. He also stated that "as long as he continues to do so, there will be a spot for him on the roster."

    I may have to eat my words that he won't make the team.
  12. Ochmed Jones

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    In the 4-3 defense Sullivan has looked good. In the base 3-4 he's been pushed back halfway to New York. He plays the NT spot like he's on roller skates.
    He's got to learn to drop the butt and sink though huge hips. He's a lot like Vince was as a rookie.

    On the plus side, he uses his hands better than he did just two games ago.

    My thinking is that the bottom line on this guy is not his lack of ability, because he has raw talent, but his "tude" that determines if he makes the team.
    If he's humping it like there is no tomorrow and keeping his nose clean 24 X 7, BB will keep him.
  13. Dagg

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    Yeah but with Gramatica he was doing good but couldnt distinguish himself from a guy whos 22 years old. BB didnt have any negative stuff to say cause there wasnt any.

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