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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Nov 30, 2008.

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    From your reference..."Matthew Slater: 'I feel I cost my team the game.' Rookie Matthew Slater, who couldn't handle a third-quarter kickoff that was recovered by the Steelers, didn't avoid the media onslaught. He answered questions about the costly miscue, saying: "There is no excuse for it. You have to field the ball first and I didn't do my job. It's as simple as that ... I'm frustrated. I feel like I cost my team the game."

    Yah, I was pissed at Slater, but he's a kid. I remember my 1st job at 21 as a hotshot computer engineer. Working OT late on a Saturday I was tired, confused two connectors and hooked up 120 volts AC to the 5 volt IC power rail. Smoked everything. I was devastated at what I'd done. But Slater made his mistake in direct view of 60,000 and indirect view of tens of millions. There's a reason for the big bucks.
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    i was referring to BB's opening line.
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    We shown we did have enough first half, to watch that and see the final score is very dissapionting.
  5. Damn that sucks.
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    I think he saying he's happy with the effort, the results sucked but its not because of a lack of effort but lack of execution.

    Im not sure what that means, did you miss a word or two?
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    Arch, I saw him interviewed on TV. He was devastated. Worse than if his dog got killed by Vick or something.
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    A good way to put it. Did guys get open? Yes. Did Cassel hit them? Yes. Did they get open in the red zone? in the end zone? Yes. Were the Pats able to run on the Steelers? Yes.

    The Pats' D couldn't stop a drain. Sure. But the O has the tools (still) for the shootout this would have had to be for the Pats to win it.

    What BB didn't say (at least in this statement) was "Christ, I can't go out there and catch the ball for Randy or Slater, and I can't very well nail it to Cassel's palms, and I can't help Matt Light protect Cassel's blind side. Come to think of it everybody named "Matt" eventually turns to sh** for this team from video assistants to rookie kick returners to left tackles to quarterbacks. EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM!!!" But it woulda been funny.
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    I'm not one for moral victories and I'm definately pissed over this loss, but the defense made major strides today IMO. You really can only pin 16 points on them today, and they forced a TO that led to 7. That's one good sign for this team.

    Now if we can just stop shooting ourselves in the damn foot we might actually win some big games in January. Also it's the 3rd game out of the last 4 that our ST's have messed up big. It's the little things.
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