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    A few highlights:

    -Penalties moving the Pats back on their final drive of the 1st half were "questionable."

    -The officials don't have a good view of plays like the Hobbs PI, so it's a tough call.

    -He didn't know if the Colts were going to pass on their final drive, so he didn't call a timeout until they started running it.

    -The LBs were blitzing and were split on the final Addai TD.

    -Faulk was banged up on a punt return, and that's why he didn't finish the game.

    -"We screwed it up. That's for sure."

    -"It was like when a plane crash landing. There's just no easy way down."

    -"Team can be proud of...winning big games..."

    -"Players played their hearts out...didn't have a lot of energy at the end..."

    -When asked about Peyton's "amazing plays," BB responded with "They are a good football team...teams like San Diego, Baltimore, we all came up short..."

    -With cramps and other injuries, it "was a challenge" to get personnel out there, but "that's football...I can't make excuses about that."

    -When asked if he watched the game today, he responded with "I've seen enough of it for awhile." Seymour said in an interview today that he didn't get to sleep until 6:00 AM because he re-watched the game.

    -Offense line has to get credit.

    -Coaching the Pro Bowl is another "obligation." He "can't wait" (sarcasm) to coach it.

    -They'll be looking at scheme, roster in coming days.

    -When asked about his contract, he responded with "I don't talk about contracts."

    -When asked if he is coming back next year, he responded with "I'm here."
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  2. PromisedLand

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    It sounds like he is feeling as bad as we are. If not worse.
  3. Fixit

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    I'm pretty sure that man does NOT like to lose.
  4. Rob0729

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    I knew the Pats read pass the Addai TD play. I guess the pass was the safe bet since the Colts do play action in that situation more often than not, bur we called the absolute wrong play for the play they called and they burnt us.
  5. NEPat

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    Did the players do their usual Monday interviews today too? Anyone hear Brady?
  6. Michael

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    He is. Of course. When asked about Manning and "some of the great passes he made in the game" (I'm not questioning that he did I'm just quoting Diosi) he didn't agree or talk about Manning he simply said "The Colts are a good football team. That's why there going to the Super Bowl." Good answer.
  7. mtbykr

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    The only time i have laughed since last night is when BB was asked about his "obligation" for the the most sarcastic voice he says "can't wait"!:rofl:
  8. Brownfan80

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    I can only imagine. It's hard to do, but I should put my anger about the loss aside because those guys did in fact lay it on the line. Man, it's just too bad that their guts didn't win it out in the end. I love the Patriots.
  9. Fanfrom1960

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    Can you edit that rofl out still? No laughing on black Monday. :mad:

  10. mtbykr

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  11. Aldogg

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    The only part of Brady I caught live he said he was not going to watch the Super Bowl. But it sounds like these guys, much like most of us, didn't sleep good last night and took this loss hard.

    I got the same vibe from Seymour also for his interview.
  12. NEPat

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    Thanks for the links mtbykr! I was just wondering if Brady said anything especially insightful, but I think I might hold off on listening to the interview for a bit, just because I hate hearing the players sound so depressed.

    Damn, they were so close.
  13. wdkantro2

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    They were just talking about Parcells and getting burnt out, and Belichick responded with "Do I love the team, the organization, the coaches, the players, the support from Mr. Kraft (etc.)? Yes, and that's why I love coming to work every day."

    Hopefully that will put an end to the stupid rumors.
  14. SoonerPatriot

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    I don't think BB screwed anything up. He took a chance by moving Vrabel back to the outside hoping Eric Alexander could hold up. It was a calculated risk. He couldn't and we lost because we couldn't cover Dallas Clark. Period.
  15. carolinatony

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    I am GLAD we have a coach who doesn't like to Lose!
    Never be satisfied with 2nd place
  16. mtbykr

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    BB slipped for the first time. He said he wouldn't talk about contracts, and then again later when Ordway asked him if he was going to do "coffee with the coach" again next year (ie will you be here) he said he wouldn't comment on the future............however in his closing statements he was thanking the fans, ect and said something like "and we'll come back and strap it up next year and try again":rocker:
  17. WestPat

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    how lucky we are that we have a passionate coach that is the smartest and most dedicated to this team!
  18. mtbykr

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    I don't know what they said becuase i haven't heard them yet. I'm not local so i have to listen online. I downloaded them and will listenn to them later. Although they did say that Brady said he can't watch the superbowl, as did BB. "i just can't get excited for that"!
  19. mtbykr

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    I will have to go back and re-listen to the interview, but I know BB said something negative (which is rare) about the officiating....although it was subtle. All of it was in regard to the bogus offensive PI call on Brown! He also made a referance to the Hobbes "faceguarding PI" call in the endzone. At the end he said "i didn't have a good view at the time" but you could tell he thought it was crap. From my vantage point (behind the tv) he never turned around, but he never touched where's the foul? BB made a point of saying that the rule states you can't touch him withough playing the ball!
  20. mtbykr

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