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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Aug 20, 2006.

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    "What was your perception of Matt Leinart? I know you’re watching your own team…
    “I don’t know. I like the quarterback we have from USC [Matt Cassel]. I thought he handled himself a lot better this week. He made a big improvement. It looks like Leinart can run.â€"

    thought that was funny from BB:)
  2. I'm Ron Borges?

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    Sounded like a definate shot to me. Oh well, some players are good college quarterbacks and some are good NFL quarterbacks. Hopefully we got the latter of the two.
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  3. chowder

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    To be honest, i thought Leinhart was pretty poised considering he only had like 2 days of training camp. He also had better scrambling ability than i thought. He did get flustered once we layed on the pressure, though. However, i was really impressed by Cassel's performance. Remember that Leinhart narrowly beat out Cassel for the starting job at U.S.C. so I think that Cassel is just as talented and we ended up getting better value for him too so i'm glad he's our backup now.
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    Not to mention we got Cassel for 40 million something less. :D
  5. World Champs 3X

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    Leinhart will be a average QB at best don't think he has it in him will live off his athletic skills and think that is god enough. You could tell just by his comments last night.
  6. smg93

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    Actually I heard the interview at and that "Leinhart looks like he can run" comment sounded more like he was complimenting him on his scrambling skills... though i'm sure BB was also complimenting his defense indirectly.
  7. TruthSeeker

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    I think Leinart looked very good. Two practices only ? He looked pretty damned good for two practices, don't forget, some of his incompletions were drops. I think he will be a lot better than some folks think he will be. Don't forget, a lot of people didn't think certain QB's would be any good because they thought they didn't have the arm strength. These QB's supposedly wouldn't be good in the NFL because of supposed poor arm strength:Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Bernie Kosar. They all turned out pretty good. I think Leinart falls somewhere between Brady & Kosar.

    Leinart is very smart, very accurate, has good escapability, and has always been a winner. IMHO, he will be a very good QB, his most impressive pass was the one to the TE over the middle, great pass. Cutler of Denver may turn out to be the best of the 2006 draft. As far as our USC QB, He has never had a QB rating under 88 in any games he ever got to play.
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  8. rabthepat

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    LOL...BB is right...Leinart was way over hyped during the game. I kept yelling "Welcome to the NFL" every time we hit him.
  9. MoLewisrocks

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    After the first appearance in the 2 minute drill his performance dropped off dramatically. Sharpe made the comment (like all his comments numerous times) that all Leinart was being asked to do was go in and play football - perfect scenario was the 2 minute drill. Cassel on the other hand was being asked to execute a specific game plan and run the same offense his starter was running.

    I have a feeling Leinart is in for a big learning curve because he thinks it's easy. It was in college. Whether he survives to build a career remotely deserving of his $50M contract will depend on how many concussions result in the next year or two. We have yet to see Matt succeed when it isn't easy.
  10. the taildragger

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    he was obviously sick of the media asking him about Leinart...our guy played a nice game but the press is still fishing for a soundbyte from the great Belichick on the annointed one...shut 'em up pretty good there.

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