BB on Brady this Sunday

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BPF, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. BPF

    BPF In the Starting Line-Up

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  2. DarrylS

    DarrylS Supporter Supporter

    For this franchise this is pretty defnitive..
  3. BPF

    BPF In the Starting Line-Up

  4. FreeTedWilliams

    FreeTedWilliams I'm no Mona Lisa Vito.... Supporter

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    What's worng with Bill? I think all of us can answer these questions for him. The proper responce SHOULD HAVE BEEN.......

    "The injury report comes out on Wednesday."

    Oh, wait, it is Wednesday

    Bets on what Brady is listed as:

    Not at all-my pick
    Probable "foot"
    Probable "shoulder"
    Questionable "foot"
  5. patchick

    patchick Moderatrix Staff Member Supporter

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    :D That was my first reaction! BB gave information??? Is he feeling ok?
  6. Pat the Pats Fan

    Pat the Pats Fan In the Starting Line-Up

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    I'll go with probable "shoulder". what the heck, he's been listed that way for the last 5 years.......:D
  7. ScottieC

    ScottieC In the Starting Line-Up

    You figure by the time Brady reaches 34-36 the Injury Report should read like this:

    Tom Brady (QB) - Probable; Foot, Shoulder, Arm, Right Knee Cap, Left Ear, Tennis Elbow, Right Fibula, Slight Concussion :rolleyes: , Whiplash, Center 3rd Vertebre and Carpul Tunnel (From signing all those Tri-Star Authenticated Helmets).

    And then of course he shows up on Sunday for a Cool 375 Yards and 4 TD's. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet.
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  8. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? Supporter

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    I sincerely hope his numbers do not look like that. Numbers like that indicate no running game whatsoever. Now, don't get me wrong. He can post around 2-3 touchdowns as long as the running game tacks on 100+ yards and two more TDs.
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