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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Joker, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. Joker

    Joker Supporter Supporter

    New England Patriots featured video and audio brought to you by WEEI Boston's Sports Radio

    I hardly ever post threads but THIS was fantastic. THIS clip is WHY I follow the Pats and why I am a member here.I was out doing errands and heard this 2 hours ago...I come back here and no thread or any reference.

    Has everything changed overnight?? Has the past six months driven away FANS of football, leaving only "fans" that worry about the effects of the sixth year of a certain player's contract?

    THIS link should have been up here BEFORE BB even came on the past it would have. Maybe it'd be possible to make a tab either devoted to business/contract talk so everybody in their offices can dissect and argue about the minutiae of business agreements or else make a tab for fans of Patriot FOOTBALL and make the Patriots Fan Forum the defacto Patriots fans talk business,contracts,numbers, amortizations,bonuses etc etc.

    I'm listening to this right now...again..and the Bruschi/BB back and forth is TREMENDOUS.A fan's treasure chest of insight.

    NOT one reference in any thread title made today. Things must be changing as far as being a fan is concerned. Obviously, I am WAY out of the loop in today's NFL.
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  2. Gwedd

    Gwedd Supporter Supporter

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    Well, This is the first I heard of it, but then I've been having to do real-life stuff this afternoon too. :)

    I'll go listen to it now.
  3. Uncle Rico

    Uncle Rico Pro Bowl Player

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    Does he say anything about not coaching forever? ;)

    Sounds terrific - -I'll check it out now.
  4. strongside

    strongside Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    One of the better BB/Big Show interviews. Having Bruschi was great except he wouldn't let BB finish what he was saying before he jumped in with another question or though. Anyway Brucschi pretty much said they were not only playing 4-3 but using 4-3 techniques i.e not 2 gapping. BB kinda of danced around it by saying they have always done that just not as much, but is was clear he could only bend the truth so much w/ teddy.
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  5. patriot lifer

    patriot lifer In the Starting Line-Up

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    Rough Transcript of conversation at 17:30:

    Holly starts talking about coordinators, specifically why they don't have one for the defense.

    Q: "And Bill O-Brien does have that title on the offensive side"

    BB: "He does"

    Q: "Any reason that he does and you haven't done it defensively, on the defensive side"

    BB: "Um, No"

    Q: "Okay"

    Oh Bill.
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  6. Gwedd

    Gwedd Supporter Supporter

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    Great interview. I'll listen to it again to catch a couple things I missed the first time around, but overall it was indeed nice to hear some of the insights into how things are done.
  7. strngplyr

    strngplyr In the Starting Line-Up

    Great interview but Tedy was somewhat annoying, he'd start talking over Bill, then if Bill didn't stop he would start over and cut him off again until Bill gave him the stage. Good questions but we didn't get to hear the full answers on a few because of that. Otherwise, great stuff.


    "Now do you mind Chad living with a fan?"
    "....honestly ...I don't know where most of our players do live. long as they're here on time"
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  8. DarrylS

    DarrylS Supporter Supporter

    Bruschi was on the phone so he could not pick up the cues of Ordway and Holley, so that may have led to the confusion..

    Next Monday Bruschi will be on the "Big Show" from 2 to 6, and he will be face to face..
  9. LetsGoPats36

    LetsGoPats36 On the Game Day Roster

    I laughed pretty hard when I heard that exchange.
  10. neuronet

    neuronet In the Starting Line-Up

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    OP could have just provided the link without the stupid commentary. Just sayin'.
  11. patsfan13

    patsfan13 Hall of Fame Poster Supporter

    Ordway and Holley should let Tedy ask the questions, BB gave a lot of info because Tedy knew WHAT to ask.
  12. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    LOL Talk about the patriots cap and contracts is way more pertinent than the jets suck and jets scare me (or who scares you more) and sanchez wants to fight rex threads that permeate this place lately not to mention Pats have _____ in to kick his tires and Larry Fitzgerald has a no trade clause multiple threads about the latest 3rd string QB replacing Brady.

    There are more ADHD guess the roster fans here these days than ever before and they don't tend to care about things like BB interviews, let alone on WEEI. Any more than you apparently care about football business. Frankly lately it's hard to tell just what if anything you care about or take seriously. Oddly more people who post in contract threads probably actually listen to Patriots Monday on WEEI regularly.
  13. betterthanthealternative

    betterthanthealternative In the Starting Line-Up

    Thank you Joker, for linking this link. I love this stuff, and hope you keep noticing it so the rest of us can enjoy it.

    I don't think anyone's been driven away, although you sound like you are on the verge. And the Board doesn't need to be an either/or place unless we make it that way.

  14. Patsfanin Philly

    Patsfanin Philly Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    I wonder who the veterans were who they brought in for workouts who were out of shape.........
  15. rivers983

    rivers983 Practice Squad Player

  16. Joker

    Joker Supporter Supporter

    I'm too stupid to post a link without stupid commentary....

    which obviously makes me a stupid thread starter...

    which is why I hardly ever start threads....

    in fact ,I'm so stupid I FORGOT I put THIS thread up.....

    think I'll change my handle from Joe Kerr to Joe Gump....

  17. NEP4Life

    NEP4Life Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    It's a great clip, but does anyone else think Tedy was trying to embarrass Belichick? I felt his tone was a little disrespectful.
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  18. NEP4Life

    NEP4Life Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Translation: We're 1-gapping.
  19. Patriot_in_NY

    Patriot_in_NY Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Yeah, but can he rush the passer?

    ..... Oh wait.... Sorry, I'm in the wrong thread. :(
  20. patriot lifer

    patriot lifer In the Starting Line-Up

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    Ssshhhhh, don't tell AndyJohnson. :D

    We might use it more, but I'll believe it when I see it in the regular season. T'would make for an interesting defense.
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