BB not just scouting in Florida

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by R_T26, Mar 18, 2006.

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    From the link :

    Nah, he blows says half the people here. Let's add it up : "Abillity to be a #1". "Playing with a great QB". "Playing in an offense that fits him".

    2+2+2 = . . .
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    2+2+2+2 still equals not good enough...0???
    I don't's a GOOD signing!!
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    On a serious note...let's face it Patriots have Logan(BOS) airport and Green(PVD). I'm sure all the reporters have contacts there for sightings as well as hotel and transportation companies, no need mentioning any Gillette Moles.

    What better way to operate without some reporter messing thins up for you? see the schools he visits, like Florida Gators and the players he worked out over there (4). Then compare those 4 with the list on ESPN or wherever and it looks suspicious at best. We all know the workout is almost secondary to the talk with the coach. Like Belichick isn't going to talk about Jackson for instance.

    Just anothjer instance why we are fortunate to have Belichick IMO.
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    I hope he gets a little color while he is down there. During the Super Bowl he was so white he was almost transparent! :D

    He knows what he is doing.....well except for visiting with Tony LaRussa!
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    He knows what he is doing...period...
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    Are you insane. He is a joke look at his stats BF! :rolleyes:

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