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BB may get pass on nasty divorce grilling

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Crowpointer, Mar 13, 2007.

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    Bill may get pass on nasty divorce grilling
    By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
    Tuesday, March 13, 2007 - Updated: 12:52 AM EST

    New England Patriots [team stats] poohbah Bill Belichick may be off the hook - and off the stand - in the ugly New Jersey divorce in which he’s been named The Other Man.

    Word from our courthouse spies is that Vincent and Sharon Shenocca have reached an agreement on who gets what in the split and so Belichick - who was supplying Sharon with FedEx’ed boxes of cash - may be able to skip his highly anticipated (by the Track) legal grilling.

    “He’s not 100 percent off the hook,” said Someone Who Knows. “But everything as far as the financials are done and that’s what he was going to be questioned about.”

    The judge in the case had granted Vincent’s request to have his attorneys question the coach under oath about the amount of dough Belichick was shovel passing to Sharon.

    Sharon had initially denied taking dough from the three-time Super Bowl champ, but in her most recent deposition, the blond 41-year-old soccer mom admitted receiving some $3,000 a month - in cash - from her pigskin pal.

    Sharon also confirmed that Belichick paid for a $25,000 rental on the Jersey Shore for her last summer and that he picked up part of the $11,000 tab to pay her attorney’s retainer. In addition, Sharon said she used money she “borrowed” from Belichick to buy expensive earrings and to take trips to Disney World, a spa in Utah, and a posh resort in Puerto Rico.

    The coach’s largesse also provided for Sharon’s Giants season tickets, a personal trainer, babysitting expenses and furniture for her daughter’s bedroom.

    Vincent Shenocca, a construction worker who owns his own stucco business, had filed a motion asking the court to suspend the $350-a-week support payments he was making to his wife in light of the secret cash stash she had been scoring from the coach.

    Word is, after Sharon Shenocca’s most recent deposition - when she admitted being Belichick’s No. 1 receiver in the cash department - her attorneys approached Vincent’s and proposed a settlement. The deal, according to Someone Who Knows, was a touchdown for Vincent and appeared to be driven by Belichick’s desire to end his involvement in the matter.

    However, the couple is scrimmaging over the custody of their kids. Vincent Shenocca wants to keep them near him in New Jersey while Sharon wants to move to Brooklyn to a $2.2 million townhouse that Belichick owns. If the matter goes to trial, it is possible that Belichick could be questioned about the condo.

    The property was purchased in the name B&R Trust and Vincent Shenocca’s attorneys alleged it stands for Belichick and Radigan, Sharon’s maiden name.

    The custody issue is expected to come to trial sometime in the next few months. So do stay tuned
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    #24 Jersey

    This is what i hate.

    Why would you even post this story knowing the reaction its going to get?

    Leave the mans personal life to himself. It doesnt affect the team and it wont affect the team.

    Leave this man be.
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    This news is weeks old. The Inside Track sucks.

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