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    It is a fun Fan game to project final rosters but many here don't seem to know the way BB manages his Patriots roster. When preparing your roster you must beware of his methods.

    Bill Belichick has always recognized that he can beat you if he has more good players than you do. BB also recognizes that the NFL season and Playoffs is an endurance match. He who has more players will usually win, with the certainty of injuries, even if he doesn't have quite as many Stars.

    So he accumulates surplus draft picks. So he can pick more often, and on average end up with more good players. Fo example he usually manages to get to "double draft" with as many as twice the number of picks as other teams.

    So he accumulates lots of scouting reports on possible marginal draftees and UDFAs. So he can sign several after the draft; and on average finds a player or three there, every year. For example, Law firm, Dane Fletcher, Pierre Woods, and this year Bolton, Francis, etc.

    So he accumulates PS players who are not ready now, so hopefully no one will steal them, as they are not currently usable. But MIGHT BE in a year or two, with some bodybuilding,training and coaching. For example, Forston, Kopa, McDonald etc.

    So he accumulates talented players who are injured for the year, and need a full season of rehab, so no else will touch them. He knows he might get a player of two next season that way. For example, Tate, and this year Markus Zuscevics.

    So he is on the lookout for special cases. Guys who might play but have some "problem". For example, Ketani and his Navy commitment; Demps and his desire to race in the Olympics; Dennard and his punching of a cop, just before the Draft.

    So he accumulates old quality veterans with only a little left. Ones who probably can't play a full season anymore, but just might make the roster. But with a TC, to learn the system, could get a phone call and join the Team mid-season after an injury; and be ready to play and contribute immediately, for a few games.

    For example, last season he cut Gerard Warren and brought him back from his "Shadow Roster" when roster space opened. Will he not do so again? Ditto for Will Allen, most likely... Others could be Clifford or Otah, and maybe even Branch...

    Bill Belichick likes to get an edge wherever he can. He likes playing 7 card stud poker, when you get 7 cards; but he gets 10 or more cards to select from. What he does is with in the rules, it isn't cheating; but it is almost like taking candy from a baby.
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