BB: "Light a longshot to return this season"

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    December 21, 2005
    Light a 'longshot'
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    Speaking at his Wednesday press conference (10:45 a.m. ET), Bill Belichick said it would be a “longshot†for injured offensive tackle Matt Light to return this season. Belichick opened by speaking about the team’s opponent on Monday night -- the Jets.

    “You know, it’s a little bit unusual to have a team back-to-back like we have the Jets here [playing them Dec. 4 and Dec. 26]; it’s almost like playing a doubleheader. There isn’t a lot of work, a lot of plays for us to see that we haven’t seen from studying from the game there in early December. I think the thing that I’ve noticed about watching them in the last couple of weeks is how much they’ve improved, particularly offensively. They went up there against Oakland and that’s a pretty good defensive line; we know those guys, [Bobby] Hamilton, Tommy Kelly, Ted Washington and they ran the ball for 184 yards. And then last week had over 400 yards [of total offense] in Miami -- most of it throwing, but they also ran the ball well there, too. So I think offensively this is a team that has made some significant strides in the last couple weeks. They’re getting the ball to a lot of different guys -- getting the tight end [Doug] Jolley involved, and of course, the receivers [Laveranues] Coles, [Justin] McCareins and [Jerricho] Cotchery – those guys are all big-play guys. And [Cedric] Houston and [B.J.] Askew come in there and run the ball well, as has [quarterback Brooks] Bollinger; he’s made some big scrambles, particularly in the Oakland game. So I think offensively it’s a team that’s improved quite a bit in a short amount of time in both the running and passing phases of the game.

    “We were in Miami and played the same type of game they did down there, and it came down to a couple plays there in the red area at the end of the game. Fortunately, we made them. Unfortunately for the Jets last week, they didn’t. But I think that is pretty indicative of how well they can play going up against a comparable opponent there.

    “The big thing for us is to keep working hard and keep improving. I think we’ve made a few strides here in the past few weeks, and we want to keep it going in that direction. Monday night, with the holiday and all that, I think Monday night is always kind of a special time to play and I’m sure Herman [Edwards] will have the Jets ready to go, as he always does. I think he’s really one of the best coaches in the league. Certainly, we face him twice a year and he always has his players ready to go. His players play hard, his team plays well, and he’s done a tremendous job down there in the past five years. I’m sure he’ll have them ready to go Monday night. So that will be our challenge, to be able to get to that level as well.â€

    On Matt Light, Belichick was asked if there was a chance he might return.

    “I don’t know, it’s probably a longshot,†he replied.

    BELICHICK BITS: A few of the other topics of discussion that Belichick answered questions on were: 1) The team having four natural cornerbacks starting in the secondary and how this is the first time that’s happened in his 31-year NFL coaching career; 2) Artrell Hawkins and how the team didn’t envision him as a safety, but tried the move due to depth issues and because Hawkins was picking up the defense so quickly; 3) The comparable skills between receivers Deion Branch and David Givens; 4) His thoughts on the Pro Bowl voting, which will be revealed today.

    EXTRA POINTS: Quarterback Tom Brady is scheduled to hold a press conference at his locker at 11:40 a.m. ET … Jets coach Herman Edwards and offensive lineman Pete Kendall will hold conference calls with the New England media in the 12 o’clock hour.


    Looking ahead, we’ll plan on filing another update around 2 p.m., with a locker room and practice wrap.

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    Given Belichick's penchant for disinformation, does this mean Light starts against the Jets? :D
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    My thought exactly! One thing we know, though -- if BB didn't think there was a significant chance of having Light for the play-offs he's be on IR.
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    BB said he was a longshot to return for the "season".

    Doesn't necessarily mean playoffs.
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    This is an astute observation. The Patriots radio show I am listening to now was a bit confused about of the guys thought BB was just talking about the Jets game and the other was convinced BB said Light was a long shot for the rest of the season, playoffs, etc. The Superbowl would be the earliest he might play.

    I think they're both wrong and you are right.
  6. Bill's Girl

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    Cripes, enought with the double talk already......... This is what BB has done to the Patriots fans, if he said the sky was red half of us would believe him and the other half would think it was a metaphor for something else. You know, metaphors.......

    I guess if BB is to be believed that means we are down to three layers of Visa protection....UGH Especially if we remember that it was Koppen who landed on Light and broke his leg.

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