BB has thought of everything

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    Just makes you feel good.

    Belichick has thought of everything

    Posted: March 27, 2007

    Dan Pompei
    For Sporting News

    What Patriots coach Bill Belichick does probably better than anyone in the history of organized football is prepare for every contingency. Nothing escapes him. He anticipates the thoughts and moves of every opponent.

    Whether it's studying draft prospects, finding an opponent's weakness, deciding how to best use a player or figuring how to handle a delicate situation, Belichick makes preparation an art form.

    Unlike many of his peers, he's not a programmed thinker. There is no form he follows. His game plans are as unpredictable as his wardrobe is predictable.

    Belichick has a way of bringing out the best in those around him, whether it's a sixth-round quarterback nobody else thought much of or a young front office assistant who shows a spark.

    And there's something else that makes Belichick stand apart. While others marvel at how much he knows, Belichick concentrates on knowing more. His goal is to learn something every day. He logs his experiences and thoughts on a computer by event and references them to avoiding repeating mistakes.

    Clearly, whatever he's doing is working pretty well.
  2. DarrylS

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    Of course we all knew this, but Pompeii frames this well... it has been said he has a plan in his mind for just about everything, and has learned from his mistakes.
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    Good post,always interesting to learn traits of BB,how he thinks etc.I like the way he learns from his mistakes and always tries to avoid the same thing the next time....many of us dont ...
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    we've been spoiled and blessed to have the guy. amen!!!!:rocker: :rocker:
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    Dear computer,
    Today I hooked up with a married receptionist who works for the giants.
    I'll give her the money for a house to keep her happy.

    she told me not to pay branch, that we'll be fine without him.

    I'll reference this entry later to see if I should avoid this type of activity in the future.

    your friend in cyber space,
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    Wow, your name is Bill as well! Small world.
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    the example I think of whenever the subject of BB's thoroughness comes up is his description of how he realized that the extra long halftime show and longer TV timeouts would impact the player's energy level in the second half of the SB and of how he adjusted the pregame meal and time to compensate.

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