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    Sorry for starting a new thread on this but I couldn't find the orginial. Here's an article from Annapolis on the ceremony.

    Bill Belichick gives dad's books to Naval Academy

    Special delivery: "Gold Glory," "This Game of Football," "Brian Piccalo," "Fundamental Football."

    Book titles that could once be found on the bookshelves at the home of the late former Navy assistant football coach Steve Belichick, who died Nov. 19, 2005 at the age of 86, can now be seen in the new, lighted, bookcases at the Naval Academy football offices.
    "The Big Play," "Rockne: Idol of American Football," "My Kind of Football."

    More book titles that can be seen in the built in, glass cabinets that were also donated by the Belichicks and are now part of a library in the new offices on the third floor of the academy's Ricketts Hall. They too were taking up considerable space in the Belichick's home in Annapolis.
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