BB a "scary figure" ?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 30, 2007.

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    Reiss' blog is off limits for me for a while. Anyone or anything covering this event on Sunday is persona non grata in my world.
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    Vinatieri was asked how Colts coach Tony Dungy and Patriots coach Bill Belichick are similar and different.

    "The way they are similar is that they are both very, very intelligent and very good coaches as far as Xs and Os," he said. "I guess, pretty much everything beyond that, is different. It's hard to even compare. They are two completely different styles but both very successful. Coach Dungy approaches everyting more of as a friend type of thing where he wants you to play well because he wants to see you succeed. Coach Belichick is a little bit more of a figurehead, maybe that's the wrong terminology, but more of a scary figure."

    Vinatieri was also asked about the styles of the first two coaches he played for in the NFL, Bill Parcells and Pete Carroll.

    "We're getting into my whole career here," he said. "I think everybody knows how Coach Parcells coaches. He's that strong, tough-nosed guy and very successful obviously. And then Pete Carroll won national championships at USC. They are four completely different coaches, so it just goes to show that you have the right team, and the right players and the right leadership on the team, you can lead in your own way and still be successful. A lot of guys have rings, so I guess you can't complain one way or the other. Hopefully [Dungy] will get one, too."


    What does Adam mean by scary figure? This is football, not nursery school - BB wins, so if he needs to be scary, so be it!
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    Maybe it's just me, but I've come to feel that Adam Vinatieri is just not a terribly bright guy.
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    I realize kickers are just kickers but I was interested when Vrabel was asked about what he said to Vinatieri when the Patriots-Colts played in the regular season and he said something to the effect of "not much, we don't really have much in common to talk about, we didn't talk much when he was here".

    No link, it was on NEST. Again, I know a kicker is FAR AWAY from a LB. But it definitely piqued my interest as they won 3 SB together.
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    It's not just you. The guy needs to look up what a "figurehead" is.

    Um, yeah, Adam, that was the wrong "terminology".
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    I remember that interview and it made me wonder as well. AV really wasn't feeling the love,apparently? It's very much in keeping with AV's statement re: who he stays in touch with,namely Josh and Paxton. I'm getting the sense he really hated it here more than we ever realized and more than he ever let on.
    Was it Vrabel who yelled to him "Would you sign my Superbowl shirt?" before the Pats/Colts game at Gillette? :rofl:
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    I stopped taking AV seriously when he wore leather pants on "The Late Show". I"m sorry, I don't care who you are, NO MAN can be taken seriously when they wear leather pants.
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    What apparently eluded him was "authoritarian" or "taskmaster." Calling BB "scary" would be more the perspective of an 11-year-old.
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    It's a good thing that players are scared of their coach.

    Think about it. The people who I learned the most from in life are demanding authority figures. The "best friend" approach never gets the most out of people and wears off quickly.
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    Thanks. Your opinion ratifies a teaching life spent terrifying my students. One of my retirement gifts was a refrigerator magnet that read "The Dark is Afraid of Me." I treasure it still.
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    This is the complete opposite of what I've heard Josh Miller say about BB when he used to do Felger's show. Josh called BB funny, smart, has a real passion for the history of the game and is very straightforward.
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    So Dungy is a player's coach and BB isn't.

    Not news to me.
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    Just tuned into WEEI and Dale Arnold was reading an newspaper article writtine in 200 that was extremely critical of Kraft's decision to hire BB and of BB himself. The article was written by Michael Holley.

    Holley said this: "For those of you who question BB's character all you need to know is this, he read that article, it was brought to his attention by several people, and yet a few years later, and still he granted me unprecendented access to the team."
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    I think we got a little taste of that in the America's Game on nfl network, about the players being concerned when they saw BB headed their way during practice. Not that they were going to get yelled at or anything, but just that knowledge that he expects a lot and doesn't suffer fools.

    I think if you're in the middle of practice and see the big man headed toward you to quiz you about the consequences of certain penalties in certain situations, that's "scary."

    Vinatieri is a traitor and probably not a rocket scientist. But it's hard for me to see much of a problem with this quote. I'm sure several players on the current team wouldn't necessarily object to the word, and I'm not sure BB would even mind, so why should we?
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    I'm sure BB wouldn't object. On HBO's Inside the NFL, his children professed to be befuddled by it. In fact I think he's amused.

    I know I shouldn't care but there seems to be a concerted effort to demonize BB lately and for some stupid reason, I feel the need to defend him and thereby my team. I guess it's a little like it's OK for me to criticize but don't any outsiders do it.
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    I feel the same way!!! It's like everyone decided it is okay to rag on the Patriots & especially their coach, stuff that isn't even true (he refused to shake EM's hand, all of the Pats were dancing on the bolt at the end of the charger game, he insulted a reporter, etc.) is being repeated as gospel, it is driving me nuts!!! How could these guys get away with this??? Stupid Bob Costas calling him out for being a bad loser after the Indy game and then reading a few days later how gracious BB was to Tony Dungy after the loss and how he specifically praised Peyton to him, I mean will Costas now say oops I guess he was actually an ok loser???? Uggh it makes me nuts that these "reporters" don't think any of us have a clue what actually went on!!
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    I feel somewhat the same. It seems like there's been a bit too much joy in the negatives regarding BB's reputation and our team. I'm probably overreacting but Adam's remarks, for a guy who was on our team for so long, seem pretty negative. IMO Adam is truly relishing the spotlight. Not bad for a damn kicker!!!
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    Why has he suddenly become the face, the spokesperson, of the Colts? Could Polian be rubbing it in by pushing him to th podium every time someone needs a Colts talking head?

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