Baseball interferes with football again

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by lurker1965, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. lurker1965

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  2. Sicilian

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    Whatever your opinion of baseball is, a LOT of people like it. And this is a playoff game, bumping a regular season game. No real complaint here.

    The Ravens opening day thing was stupid though.
  3. skspikex2

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    Baseball is more interesting in October than during summer time.
  4. patchick

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    So the baseball team wanting to, you know, play its playoff game is just a sign of an attitude problem?

    I'm thinking the problem here is 2 teams in different sports trying to share a single stadium.
  5. PATSNUTme

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    I agree. It would take the 3rd inning of a playoff game for me to fall asleep rather than the 1st inning of a regular season game.

    It's the probelm of sharing a stadium and parking facilities with another sport. Now I wonder if it came to moving a Patriots football game or rescheduling a Rev's soccer game at Gillette, which one would win out:rolleyes:.
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  6. mgcolby

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    Playoffs trump regular season, especially when the team being bumped has been the worst team in football over the span of a decade and hasn't sniffed the playoffs but once in 11 years and still found a way to blow it at 8-8.
  7. PatsSox363804

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    OT: Baseball interferes with football again

    Yeah I can't believe they'd want to bump their terrible football team so their baseball team can play a playoff game. The nerve of them.
  8. pats4life12

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    One time that's ok but again really! The game is not support to start till close to midnight that's nuts how does any player prepare for that?
  9. Sicilian

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    The same way east coast teams prepare for Sunday and Monday night games. Because, you know, San Diego and Oakland are both used to the the Pacific time of 8:30 at which this game will be played.
  10. CelticPatriot

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    They should just build two separate stadiums, it looks so stupid seeing a baseball field in the middle of a football field, at least with the revs/soccer the pitch is the same size/shape
  11. JMC00

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    NFL and CBS are not mad about this. Denver/Dallas will be on every CBS affiliate, expect the Carolina and Arizona markets.
  12. Deus Irae

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    Given the game that's being moved, you should be thanking baseball for this, instead of *****ing about it.
  13. chicowalker

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    Glad somebody mentioned that -- can't believe I'm hearing complaining about Chargers/Raiders getting bumped, particularly on a Pats board.

    to the OP:

    People whining about sports they don't personally like always baffles me. Don't like it? Don't watch it. Let me guess, the most boring sport is supposedly soccer? May shock you, but plenty of people love soccer, plenty love baseball, and plenty of people dislike football because of how little action there is during the 3-4 hours it takes to complete a game.

    btw, October has always been the time for the playoffs in baseball (granted, the playoffs were originally just the World Series). Sorry, you're up against more than a century of tradition.
  14. DarrylStingley

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    More football at different times on a Sunday is a GOOD thing. More viewing variety.

    Thanks baseball! And Go you Red Sox!
  15. pats4life12

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    True, but still that must suck.
  16. Songin

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    Oakland P.A. Announcer:"Today's attendance..... 537 .....the A's thank you, the #1 fans in all of baseball! attending today's game are asked to please use the ramps for quick exit at the conclusion of today's game to allow fans waiting to attend the Raiders-Charger game the opportunity to access their seats....thank you and have a safe and pleasant afternoon...."

  17. Sivy

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    sorry, fell asleep thinking about baseball.
  18. chicowalker

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    Re: Moneyball...

    isn't Raiders attendance near the bottom of the NFL?
  19. patchick

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    But I've had the Raiders-Chargers showdown circled on my calendar for months! That, Tony Dungy's 58th birthday, and "Daylight Savings Begins (Australia)" are competing equally for my attention this Sunday.
  20. PatsDeb

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    I'm okay with this - it's what baseball SHOULD have done to accommodate the NFL for opening night. The NFL looks like the "bigger man" here.

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