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bakes 33 pick mock

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by bakes781, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. bakes781

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    Apr 14, 2006
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    #12 Jersey

    1 . Carolina Marcell Dareus DT
    Don't believe the Panthers are ready to give up on Clausen​
    2 . Denver Patrick Peterson CB
    Had Bowers here til he proved the knee really is an issue​
    3 . Buffalo Cam Newton QB
    Bills are only interested in keeping butts in the seats​
    4 . Cincinnati AJ Green WR
    obvious choice​
    5 . Arizona Blaine Gabbert QB
    they need a franchise QB BAD​
    6 . Cleveland Von Miller LB
    safe pick​
    7 . San Francisco Nick Fairley DT
    slides for character concerns​
    *3 WAY TRADE* 8 . New Orleans Robert Quinn DE
    Saints get what they believe to be the missing piece to a return to the Super Bowl​
    9 . Dallas Tyron Smith OT
    Cowboys finally address their biggest weakness​
    10 . Washington Julio Jones WR
    Great talent for Shanahan to play with​
    11 . Houston Prince Amukamara CB
    Desperate to address this position the Texans get lucky he falls to them​
    *12 . Tennessee Da'Quan Bowers DE
    Fisher trades back knowing his team has multiple holes and they get a prospect who was once considered for the top spot overall​
    13 . Detroit Anthony Castonzo OT
    Another need pick​
    14 . St. Louis Ryan Kerrigan DE
    Could be the impact player this D needs​
    15 . Miami Mark Ingram RB
    Uncertainty at RB makes this an obvious choice​
    16 . Jacksonville Cameron Jordan DE
    Try to address the pass rush once again​
    17 . New England Muhammad Wilkerson DE
    Could be a reach but the guy seems to be a good fit​
    18 . San Diego JJ Watt DE
    Valued higher but falls with teams uncertain of what his best fit is​
    19 . New York Giants Aldon Smith DE
    Still looking for Strahan's replacement​
    20 . Tampa Bay Cameron Heyward DE
    Bookend with McCoy​
    21 . Kansas City Akeem Ayers LB
    Best for their system​
    22 . Indianapolis Derek Sherrod OT
    Haven't got too many holes other than an aging OL​
    23 . Philadelphia Nate Solder OT
    Good fit for their scheme​

    *24 . Minnesota Mike Pouncey C
    They missed out on his brother last year​
    25 . Seattle Danny Watkins G
    The run on OL continues​

    26 . Baltimore Aaron Williams CB
    Versatile player who can address multiple holes​
    27 . Atlanta Torrey Smith WR
    Jenkins & Finneran just can't seem to stay healthy​
    28 . New England Gabe Carimi OT
    Matt Light's days may be numbered​
    29 . Chicago Corey Liuget DT
    Stopping the run is critical in that Division​
    30 . New York Jets Adrian Clayborn DE
    Jason Taylor isn't getting any younger​
    31 . Pittsburgh Brandon Harris CB
    Need someone who can get physical with the likes of Boldin & Ocho Cinco​
    32 . Green Bay Mikel LeShoure RB
    Starks looks promsing, but there's little else there​

    33 . New England Brooks Reed LB
    Outside pass rush has been an issue for far too long​


    Saints get #8 give #24, #56, #72 & #88
    Titans get #12 & #72 give #8
    Vikings get #24, #56 & #88 give #12
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  2. SNL

    SNL Practice Squad Player

    Sep 14, 2004
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    If you listen to PFW Radio, they seem to think that Wilkerson has 'huge' upside. And we also have the needed OL with your second pick. I like your thinking.

    Here is my two rounds for the Patriots:

    1a) Wilkerson

    1b) Carimi or Solder

    2a) 33rd pick trade for next year's first round pick and this years 3rd round pick.

    2b) WR Cobb or CB Curtis Brown
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