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Ayers Obama timeline

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by patsfan13, Sep 10, 2008.

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    With links to Articles on the Ayers BO relationship. This guy looks like a Manchurian candidate.

    1987 William Ayers meets Barack Obama

    1988 Ayers solicits Khalid Al-Mansour to raise money for Obama's Harvard law School education

    1989 Tom Ayers and William Ayers get Obama a summer job at Sidley & Austin (where he meets Michelle Obama); Ayers' wife Bernadine Dohrn also worked at Sidley at about the same time as Barack and Michelle.

    1993 Ayers places Obama on Woods Foundation

    1995 Ayers makes Obama Chairman of Annenberg Challenge

    1995 Ayers hosts a coffee klatch for Obama's political debut (Obama falsely claims this is when he met Ayers)

    2007-2008 The structure of Obama's presidential campaign increasingly comes to resemble an Ayers-designed national "community organizer matrix" straight out of Maoist theory. This is not merely a presidential "campaign." Obama's organization is the first installment of an ongoing movement being paid for with tax-exempt contributions to his campaign, approaching half a billion dollars.

    2008Obama In response to ABC News, Obama tells a national TV audience he was "six years old" when Ayers bombed federal buildings, and they are only casual neighborhood acquaintances. A lie.



  2. Patters

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    This is laughable.

    Would you please post some photos of Obama and his good friend Ayers for starters? Or, perhaps you can post some links to articles reporting various sitings or events of Obama and Ayers?

    Also, do you have links showing that Ayers placed Obama on those boards or that Obama used those groups in illegal or radical ways?

    As far as Mansour that has been largely debunked,


    but perhaps you have some photos and other documentary evidence to support your claim?

    I don't think you can substantiate many of the claims in your post without turning to very questionable sources.

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