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  1. lapatsfan

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    Okay, I am generally not a "sky is falling" kinda guy. The Pats are 2-0, which is great but realistically they are pathetic on offense. To see receivers drop that many balls is alarming. I think we'll be okay with Edelman stepping in for Amandola but it's obvious the Pats aren't going anywhere with the current group of rookies on the outside.

    So I ask the question... Are there any decent free agent receivers on the market? I hear Lloyd supposedly turned down an offer from the Pats.

    Also, I am dreading the Broncos game. The Pats will get absolutely crushed unless TB gets some reliable weapons.
  2. goheels22002

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  3. SunsOutGunsOut

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    No receivers avail .. too bad so sad ... gotta move on w what they have .. :rocker:
  4. dales804

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    The offense will get better. The rookies aren't going to improve if you bury them on the depth chart. They have to play with Brady in games to get on the same page. They clearly have talent and need to continue working to iron things out. And the offense will get a shot in the arm when Gronk and Amendola return. Hopefully they'll be able to remain on the field when they do come back.

    And the DEN game is more than two months away. They have time to gel until then. If you're going to dread something, maybe start with traveling to ATL in week four.
  5. Big-T

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    Why bring in some JAG who will stunt the development of the rookies? Pats could go 8-6 or 7-7 the rest of the way and still win the division, take the rough and the smooth with the rookies, let them get comfortable in the offense and playing in the NFL - it will help the team more in the long run.
  6. BradyManny

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    Not sure who is available, but I did notice some 6'3, 210+ lbs WR in a Patriot uniform streaking by the Jets defense all night. Maybe if we give him more than 40 snaps in the NFL, he might turn into something.
  7. RayClay

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    If they could make a difference, they would be - with another team. Our receivers and Tom are just going to have to go through some discomfort and extra work. If we really need a body, there are some vets familiar with our system available.

    No magic bullet, the marginal receivers available will have to go through what our rookies are going through now.

    Actually, if they bear down and focus, I think our rookies could turn it around fairly quickly. They'll still have problems making the right move at the right time, but focusing, looking for the ball and catching it are simply functions of practice and concentration.
  8. RobAllan

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    I think this is 2006 again. Brady restructures deal. Pats let his favorite receiver go. Receiver corps is unacceptably thin. Very little on the free agent market. I hope next year is a repeat of 2007. LOL
  9. Big-T

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    There was some 6'1" WR wide open on the other flank too....seeing what they can do in a month or so time when they're more comfortable in the system is going to be fun.
  10. Fixit

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    I guess I'll just have to grab a reasonable rebuttal from a mod over at ******* JI of all places:

    "The pats team we saw yesterday obviously was under-manned but reality is is that they have 10 days off, Gronk and Amendola will probably be back, their rookies got some much-needed experience and they are 2-0 in the division. Oh yeah, they have Tom Brady as their QB.

    Is this the Randy Moss Patriots of yesteryear? No, certainly not. But it's good enough to be 12-4 and the second seed, which is probably what they are looking at."
  11. Ian

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    Once Gronk comes back and Amendola is healthy you're going to see these guys get one-on-one match-ups they can actually win and it's going to be a different story. Looking forward to seeing how everyone feels by week 8 or 9 :cool:
  12. mgteich

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    I don't think the team would be worse off with Underwood, Jenkins or Hawkins on our 53, active until both Amendola and Gronk are near 100%. Boyce seems to belong on the inactive list.

    And yes, I am all for giving Dobson lots more reps. Dobson gets open. Thompkins, on the other hand, looks lost.
  13. AndyJohnson

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    Add Gronk and Amendola, get Edelman in a role where he catches 3 screens or dump passes 2 yards downfield instead of 13, and let the rookies get a little experience and the offense is night and day different. Dobson will not continue to be Dropson. I found his first game incredibly encouraging, he couldn't be covered. I'll take uncoverable and dropping a few (esp when he came here with the rep as a guy who catches everything he touches) over cant get open.
    Also, I'd rather face Denver, or anyone with a dominating D and an Offense with Tom Brady and a few misfits, than a great O and weak D.

    We had the greatest offense any team has ever had for 6 years from 07-12 and didn't win a SB. Pardon me, if I am thrilled to see a win because of defense.
  14. Patriot_in_NY

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    Screw that....... I say play the Rooks. They will only get better and more in synch with Brady (and he with them) with playing time. I'll take 2-0 in the division right now with 2 ugly wins. No way the Jets, Bills or Doofins are winning 9 games this year, so even if we struggle and play .500 ball, we'll still win the division at 9-7. I actually see 11-5 or 10-7 as more realistic, but more importantly, these crucial in-game reps for these kids are what will carry this team come December and January. :rocker:
  15. Fixit

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    After 1 game in 2013:

    Receiver #1: 3 catches/10 targets/56 yards/1 TD
    Receiver #2: 4 catches/9 targets/37 yards/0 TD

    I'll let you figure out which one is Aaron Dobson, and which one is Calvin Johnson.*

    *This illustrates what a one-game sample proves.
  16. Dagg

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    Add Devery Henderson. Sign the beast
  17. Bella*chick

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    And frankly, I'm sort of done with the whole setting the world on fire in September/October, dying on the vine in the playoffs thing we did last year. I'd rather build momentum, get better, find little ways to win. Then hit a hot streak when you're supposed to be hot. That's the ticket lately. Ravens, Giants did it this way, so can we.
  18. Ian

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    Thompkins is a guy Brady was 10-of-12 throwing to during the preseason, I refuse to believe that's a fluke. He nearly caught a touchdown pass (had he had his hands a little further under :ugh:) and has been inches in some cases from making the play. He's got the athletic ability and the skillset to get it done, it's just all about reps and experience at this point.

    Have to say I agree with you on Boyce, although I don't want to make a judgement yet until I go back and watch the game film.

    EDIT: He only played 2 offensive snaps last night - so there you go.
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  19. AndyJohnson

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    Part of the problem is a big chunk of that 10-12 was in preseason game 1 with defensive backups playing, and what we have seen since has not been good by any measure.
    Hopefully its a work in progress, but I worry its a lack of talent.
    On the other hand, I was very encouraged by Dobson. He was open all night. There was never a real worry about his hands, so I expect that will be corrected, and its nerves, speed of game adjustment, etc that affected him last night.
  20. Big-T

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    Got highlights of the game on TV now, I don't get the explanation of the incomplete pass on the Thompkins would-be TD.

    How does hands sliding down the ball = losing control? His hands never left the ball so it's a clean catch, surely?

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