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    I switched over from Cox (I had them for cable & internet) to AT&T U-Verse (wired TV as opposed to the Dish deal, internet, cellular and home phone). The had a deal if you signed up within their initial sign-up period for free installation for up to 3 tv's (otherwise it would be $495. +$5 each additional tv), an internet router w/wifi, a free DVR for one tv, and all 400 channels for the first 2 months free. I haven't come across I channel that isn't offered that I wanted yet (although they only have NESN, not NESNHD) but there are a couple hundred I could do without.

    So far so good but then again it's only been a week. The level of internet that I signed up for is supposed to be a tick slower than the cable internet we had but it actually seems a little faster. As more customers come on-line that may change. I have actually used the home computer a few times for the 'net, I usually avoided it because it took so long for anything to load.

    I'm cautiously optimistic, we'll see after a few months and a few bills how much we're saving by bundling. But if nothing else it combines a bunch of bills for me.

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