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    If A$$ante reports and plays the first game on through and has another huge year,do you believe the Pats will let him go, trade him for picks, trade him for a linebacker, or resign him to a huge deal?
    Just curious he is a pretty big part of this team but again i'm in the camp that wants to see Merriweather and Richardson excel trade Assante for younger cheaper talent.
    Extend Warren and Wilfork to fair long term deals.
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    First you have to see if Asante pulls down another great season.

    But what measures a great season for a CB? INT's? I surely hope not because Asante will not see 10 int's again this season. If he is consistent and very well at covering, tackling and defending then there is no way we afford him. Some team will throw nutty money at him and i say so be it. Id rather use the money on Warren or Wilfork either way.

    Do not discount that Hobbs could make a huge leap this year since at the end of last year Hobbs was playing just as good as anyone in the playoffs.
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    Well, I believe the only way they can trade him is if he either signs an extension after the season or if they franchise him again. Therefore, if he has a "huge" year, and he insists on Clement money, provided they do not have an agreement in place to not franchise him again, then I see him being franchised so they can work out a trade with another team to get picks and keep building for the future while competing today.
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    On the surface what you say has merit, but if AS has a huge year it means he is a starter. Merriweather will then be at safety because he won't beat out Hobbs as the other corner and we won't have seen as much of Richardson to tell if he can step in for AS. The Pats will have a situation similar to what they have now. OTOH I don't think BB will pay huge money for any corner so he'll probably get franchised and traded. If he does have a good year then he should be tradeable for a deal that equals his stature.

    I'd also rather see Merriweather succeed as a safety. Harrison won't be around forever.
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    if you want more info, do a search on the messageboard. There's a wealth of discussion on some older threads.

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