Ascension of The Tight End ~ What a Beautifull Thing!!

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Off The Grid, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Off The Grid

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    I have been pounding the table ~ screaming ~ for the Patriots to take the next step and build their Offense around Tight End Robert "Kong" Gronkowski and Wing Back Aaron "The Navigator" Hernandez for 3 years, now...

    And ~ Praise the Gods ~ I believe it's now actually happening:

    Mike Reiss of ESPN: "3 Offensive Players Took Every Snap on Sunday"

    1 ~ Tom Brady.

    2 ~ Robert "Kong" Gronkowski.

    3 ~ Aaron "The Navigator" Hernandez.

    So much for those geniuses who believe that Kong and Aaron the Navigator play the same position.

    FootBall is War.

    FootBall is Chess.

    The more options that your Personnel give you, the greater your Tactical Advantage.

    Tight Ends are not the Queens of the ChessBoard.

    They are the Knights.
  2. manxman2601

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    With the amount of TEs we're accumulating, they'll soon be the pawns.
  3. shmessy

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    Nope. That would be opposing defenses. ;)
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