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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by marty, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. marty

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    Asante, you played an outstanding game! After a tough year, you really brought it together in this last game. Great interception and your coverage on LeeLee was picture perfect. It's apparent that LL has learned at Rod's side and has that low push off down pretty well. Not to mention the great acting job he did at the end of the play! Too bad that the call didn't get made by a ref that had the whole picture! Don't let it get to you!!! These kind of calls happen a lot, as we all know. Keep up the good work, it was great to see you efforts last night!
  2. BelichickFan

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    He'd better hold his head up high, he played excellent and got screwed.

    I'd still love a #1 CB to go with Samuel, Hobbs and Gay but we can probably get by with those three as the top three if we have to.
  3. desi-patsfan

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    THe game is over and i can move on with pride with our team, but that horrendous PI call still bothers me alot.
  4. patsfaninpa

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    I look at football from a defensive perspective. Stop the
    other team. Then try to score. I love the fact that we have
    the best defensive mind in the NFL coaching our team. It's
    bad enough that db's have to deal with the 5yd rule. How
    often do you see offensive pass inteference? A lot of these
    big, young wr's push off all of the time. Sickens me how
    you have to play defense.

    On another tangent. I'm also sick of all these loud-mouth
    wr's in the NFL making total fools out of themselves. Do
    I really have to list them? Don't think so. You know who
    they are. Throw the db's a bone. If they're holding a wr
    call it. Allow a little more room for bump and run. At least
    10 yards.
  5. jczxohn1

    jczxohn1 Supporter Supporter

    Bump. This was Asante's best game of the year.
  6. marty

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    Dale and Holley were talking about the interferance call this morning and both agreed that Asante's play was textbook perfect! Also that the ball was uncatchable on top of everything else! No way a ref with the worst view of the play should have made that call!
  7. mtbykr

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    The BB comments were great on that too: something to the effect of:

    What did you see on that play?
    BB-i saw what the side judge saw

    The side judge didn't throw the flag?
    BB- I know

    What would you tell Asante about that play?
    BB-I would tell him the same thing the side judge told him!

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