As of March 15, have the Dolphins caught the Pats?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Jacky Roberts, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Jacky Roberts

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    If the season started tomorrow, I think the Patriots would be a step behind Miami. Culpepper is injured and a lot depends on him, but with what Miami has done coupled with what Belichick hasn't done, have the Fins made the AFC East a two horse race? Are they ahead right now?
  2. Alk

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    Pretty hard to say until the season rolls around. All of the talent in the world means nothing when you don't have someone to steer the ship. Ask the Redskins. Have the Dolphins made more FA moves than us? Yes. Does that mean they are automatically better than us? No. If we played today, I have no doubt Miami would stomp us though. I mean we have one good WR on our entire roster.
  3. Patjew

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    My friend is a huge Fins fan and is freaking out b/c their D has become so much weaker. I happily do not disagree with him.

    Anyway, still way too early to tell.
  4. BelichickFan

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    No. I think Miami was quite overrated at the end of last season, their win streak was against the dregs of the league - other than SD and talk was that Miami's OL coach gave Miami all of SD's audibles as he was in SD the year before.

    Let's see Culpepper 1) be healthy and 2) be as effective as he was in 2004 before I'm the least big concerned.
  5. RayClay

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    Damn. Spring Football and starting on a Wednesday now. :eek:
  6. Patriot Games

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    Yes. The dolphins will pummel the pats both games this season.

    The Dolphins will finish 1st, the Pats 4th in the AFC east.

    The redskins will win the super bowl by beating the Browns.

    Culpepper will be the MVP and throw for 6,000 yards.

    David Givens will start for the AFC in the Pro Bowl.

    AV will kick multiple gamewinners against the pats this year while breaking the single-season scoring record.

    McGinist, Tom Ashworth, and Stephen Neal will carry the Jets to the playoffs.

    BB will be exposed for the horrible coach he is and Pioli and Kraft will drive the Pats to bankruptcy.
  7. RayClay

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    There you are BF.

    I thought we didn't start til Sunday. :eek: :eek:

    I signed Flutie to an emergency one year contract, but dropkicking these kickoffs is not working. :mad:
  8. RayClay

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    Are all these people with <10 posts the same person?

    Maybe multiple personalities? But then they'd be saying different things instead of posts that are almost the same.

    Since there aren't any colonel or captain clams, I don't have any clues. :D
  9. MoLewisrocks

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    Oh I don't know. Tommy is a lot further along in his abdominal rehab and he plays well in pain. Our OC is entering his second (first official) year in the same offense we've had since 2001. We're a little thin at WR but we have two very nice TE's. Hopefully our 3 RB are healthy while Miami's 1B is back on suspension. We're geting a lot of Superbowl winning starters due back from an injury riddled season where we still went 10-6 (and could have gone 11-5 if we needed to). We have no kicker at the moment while Miami's is merely pissed. New OC and offense, new DC, new QB who was Saban's third or fourth choice and went begging for a 2nd round draft pick. That's a lot of folks to get on the same page with a lot of other folks who underwent a culture change of sorts last season.

    I still like our chances. If they end up flipping Mare for Vanderjerk I like them even more. :D
  10. scout

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    Who have the Dolphins lost as FA's? They are in a good position to challenge us for the division, but its too early to say they are as good or better then us. They have made thier moves and now we have to wait and see what the Patriots do. There is way too much negatives (Givens, McGinest, Adam, Neal) to talk comparison.
  11. Patjew

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    What about Andre Davis. Guess he'll lead the Bills to 2nd in the AFCE?
  12. FreeTedWilliams

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    Everyone take a chill pill:

    Miami is not beating the Pats, anytime soon. Culpepper made his bones against those juggernauts of Detroit, The Bears (when they stunk), and that fabled Green Bay defenses. He owns the game, season, and career records for fumbles. And now, he won't be able to run anymore. He hasn't seen the Pats D. Maimi's defense is getting old fast, and Madison is gone.

    Now the Pats are going to be better next year, just by getting healthier. Even if they lose every free agent they have out there today, and that they son't sign or draft a single player, they are still a better team. Rodney. Light, Koppen, et al will all be back. Corey will be healthy again, and last I checked we still have Tom Brady, Branch, Dillon, Watson, on offense, and Bruschi, Seymour, Vrabel, Rodney, Wilson, and my man Ellis on defense.
  13. shmessy

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    Why are we getting inundated with these Strato-Matic Football geeks so much lately?

    Don't these folks ever learn that the games are played on the field?
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  14. Jacky Roberts

    Jacky Roberts 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    I'm hardly a stratomatic football geek, Im just looking at what the division has done vs. what the Patriots have done. Belichick is waiting until early summer when the second round of cuts are made and players can be had cheap, but it's a big time gamble. If Vinatieri does sign elsewhere, who is his replacement? If guys like Seymour and Branch are seeing the Pats let their leaders and good soldier guys like McGinest and Vinatieri go, why would they want to stay unless they get overpaid which BB won't do?
  15. spacecrime

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    Miami gave up a second rond pick, and they are still behind the Patriots. Miami cut three quarters of their starting secondary.

    What BB hasn't done? Some teams are too smart to jump into the FA pool when the feeding frenzy starts the first week. When things get to normal, then BB will get active. Dillion was traded for the week before the draft, remember, and Harrison was signed well after FA start also.
  16. bunzoburns

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    You"re A Moron
  17. Mike the Brit

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    Well, I guess you've got your answer there. I don't disagree. Here's how far I can go with you.

    I'm worried about what the Pats haven't done. I've read that they are "clearing the decks". Yes, but for what? To sign rookie draft picks? We know that the Pats don't look to them to contribute in the first year. To sign top quality free agents? Who does that mean? Keyshawn and TO? I'd be surprised. Or the new Chad Brown/Duane Starks when they become available later in the off-season?

    What's more, Saban is one of the very few coaches in the league at the moment with a real "mystique" -- someone you look at and think that he can get players playing together at a level beyond what they would be capable of for another coach. Not much evidence for that yet, of course. One season as head coach, but still. And how many other coaches have that?

    Oh yes, there is one. In New England. And he's got the rings to prove it. If Bill and Pioli had just gone off to Hawaii on vacation I'd be worried. But they're here and making moves. I don't understand them (see above) but there's no reason to panic. Anyway, there are plenty of questions about Miami. Is their O-line going to be good any time soon? What about the ageing of the defense? Where's Ricky?

    So In Bill I Trust -- and absolutely nothing he does in the off-season will shake the faith. If the team goes 2-14 next season, I'll have questions to ask, but we've been there before without the Superbowls to look back on.

    And now: off topic.

    Salut Jacky! Je me trouve depuis avant-hier a Paris, dans un tout petit apartement pres du Musee d'Orsay. Tu as des idees ou on peut bien bouffer ou boire (mais pas trop cher; je ne suis pas tres riche) a Paris en ce moment? Un bistro solide, peut-etre?

    Amities, Mike
  18. Sean Pa Patriot

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    In one word... NO ..Dante Culpepper does not scare me... 1 leg 2 legs or even three legs... Talk in july , not in March if someone passes someone...
  19. Jacky Roberts

    Jacky Roberts 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Descends l'avenue des Champs Elysees et tu n'auras aucun probleme' a trouver un petit bistro tres agreable et pere dispendeux. Suffit de chercher. Si tu jamais a Boston, il faut bouffer a la Maison Robert. :)
  20. Patriotic Fervor

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    No one ever won anything is March. If the season started tomorrow? The season doesn't start tomorrow.

    Free agency isn't even over yet. The draft is over a month away. Training camp is even further over the horizon. Further, we haven't even seen the possibility of a trade or three from the Pats.

    With all due respect to Coach Saban, Miami needs help in a lot of areas. They may have made some good moves here, but quite apart from seeing how they unfold, that team needs more. We'll see.

    Don't go off the deep end. There's lots to happen between now and the start of the regular season.


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