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As Jeremiah Wright said: "Chickens coming home to rooost..."

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Fogbuster, Mar 20, 2009.

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    [size=+4]Dodd's political stock tumbles in Connecticut[/size]

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrats may want to start thinking about a bailout for Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, whose political stock has slipped amid the financial meltdown.

    As a five-term Democrat who blew out his last two opponents by 2-1 margins in a blue state that President Barack Obama won handily, Dodd, D-Conn., should be cruising to re-election in 2010. Instead, he's feeling heat from a Republican challenger eager to make him a poster boy for the tumult in the housing and financial markets.

    A recent poll showed former Rep. Rob Simmons running about even with Dodd, a former national Democratic Party chairman.

    Dodd's political stock tumbles in Connecticut

    Poetic justice. And it's just beginning. Watch this space......



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