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    I think the Bills story of no names roster and their current undefeated record is nice to many,but does anyone think that when all is said and done that this team is a playoff team?......I don't,I still see a Bills team better than the past 7 years,but might be one more year away from playoff contention and end up 8-8 or 9-7 when the regular season is over.

    The Bills have won 3 in a row,the last 2 were home but in both cases their team was down 20 or more points at one point.....comebacks like those won't last forever and their road victory was against one of the worst teams in the NFL in the Chiefs,I want to see the Bills beat a team with the solid roster On the road before we consider them a version of the 2001 Patriots.

    Too many were complaining about the NE loss and not much joy about the Jets who also lost....the Pats didn't lose any ground in the division unless you really think the Bills are a contender come January.
    I consider week 3 a wash as to who has a leg up in the division,both teams lost to an AFC team although the Pats loss was a divisional one which we hope can be improved to 2-1 in 2 weeks.

    I think the AFC East is still a 2 team race......Buffalo and Detroit are the flavor of September but that flavor may be bland come late winter.

    This NE loss was one of 4 or 5 losses that many knew was going to happen,this was not a 14-2 team to begin with too many questionable characters added into the team to expect the same record as last year,not to mention the ridiculous turnover margin last season

    I expect 11 or 12 wins at best so until they lose 4 more games, it's not time to call for next year.

    It will be a hard task to not lose 2 in a row heading to Oakland,I am looking forward to the battle of Richard Seymour and Co.
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  2. TriplecHamp

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    It's week 3! I don't see the Lions or the Bills making the playoffs.
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  3. patsfan-1982

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    the bills will go 9-7 the jets are the only team that stand in the pats way


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    Exactly...that's why I am not going haywire by falling a game back of the Bills.

    The Bills are a feel good story that won't last all season,every year we see a team that looks awesome early,only to fade away...the Bucs last season I believe were the kind of early riser and faded late.

    Your best games must come in december,you only need to stay into contention until then and then play your best.

    The Pats have a lot of holes,but is there really a team that doesn't have some problems here and there?....there is no dominant team this year....not even close.
  5. Rob0729

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    I really don't care about the standings now. It is three games. The Pats will be in the mix at the end of the season. The Bills may or may not. They are better than I expected, but they cannot continually get into big holes and dig themselves out of it every week like they have the last two. They will just start to lose these games.

    I still think the Pats are the best team in the division after three weeks. For all the stuff we are complaining about here, they have more to complain about in NY. I watched the Jets game and their defense played like crap and the offense is what it always have been - Jeckyl and Hyde and needed a big late 4th quarter surge to win. I have actually been shocked the last three weeks how average the Jets' defense has been.
  6. borg

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    Great RB, solid WRS and TE.Solid DBs. QB is growing up. . ...and a D line that stuffed the Pats O line on the goal line multiple times. There is alot to like


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    I think there is always a surprise team each season that makes the playoffs, but usually those teams start to sprout in mid season.

    Every year as far back as I can remember there is a team that surprises early,only to fade late.

    If there is a team between Detroit and Buffalo that makes the postseason,I would choose Detroit....Suh has taken that defense to a whole new level and kind of reminds me of what Ray Lewis did when he got drafted by Baltimore which instantly became a formidable defense....a good defense still beats a great offense in the road to the playoffs,in that regards Buffalo's defense has been too soft early in games in the past two and that must change.
  8. PatsSox363804

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    Looking at the Bills schedule they should win this week then they have a rough stretch but they may get lucky depending on Vicks health because they have Philly in 2 weeks. Then they have @Giants, Redskins, Jets, @Cowboys, @Dolphins, @Jets, Titans, @Chargers. I'm thinking they come through that at 7-6 with games left against Denver, Miami, and us which puts them around 9-7 to finish the season. I thought the Bills were an 8-8 team coming in and they pulled 2 out of their butts so 9-7 seems right. The AFC isn't that strong so far this year with Indy being in the toilet and Pittsburgh looking shaky at 2-1 so who knows, that might get them a wild card.

    As far as the Lions go, they're for real as long as Stafford stays healthy. That's a good team.
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  9. Kid~Brady

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    I hope this Bills beat the Jets twice. I'd rather face the Bills for the AFC rather than the Jets. :D
  10. TB_12

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    bills vs jests will be interesting
  11. Sivy

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    The bills are like a camp fire...they are starting off hot, people are drinking, hanging around them loving them..but the camp fire will soon die, and the only thing left will be a lonley fan poking it with a stick trying to get it to start up again, but a las, it will not.
  12. BoTown

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    The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. The Bills will eventually be what we thought they were! :D

    Give them credit, they did what they're supposed to do, and that's win games. And they've generated some buzz for the first time since their 6-game win streak in 2004. Nice of them to join the conversation in the division, I'm a little happy for them.

    But talent will win out and the Patriots will be the better team come Week 17 when we host them.
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