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    I know, I am sick to death of all the Branch talk, but I found this interesting. is a good site. I don't know if this has already been posted because I don't feel like sifting through the zillions of Branch threads, but if it has then please forgive me.
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    "New England has won without Branch
    Everyone remembers that Branch delivered an MVP performance in Super Bowl XXXIX. But do you remember that he missed seven games that season?

    * The Patriots went 6-1 in games without Branch and averaged 26.7 PPG.
    * The Patriots went 8-1 in games with Branch and averaged 27.8 PPG.

    New England won an NFL-record 21 games in a row from 2003 through 2004. Branch missed five of those games, including the final four victories in the streak.

    Mid-tier productivity
    This is Deion Branch’s average season after four years in the NFL:

    * 53 catches, 686 yards, 12.9 yards per catch, 3.5 TDs per season

    Branch has scored a total of 14 TDs in his entire career. It’s not exactly Jerry Rice or Torry Holt we’re talking about here.

    Branch is dead to the NFL
    O.K., this is merely an interesting sidenote … but Branch is nowhere to be found on the list of wide receivers. Maybe the league knows something we don't."

    Don't need to add much after these statements.
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    Now, that was a good article, thanks a lot.
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    Nice read.

    One thing popped into my head. Branch's need for arbitration is that compensation offerred by the Jets and Seahawks was fair and the Pats were wrong to not accept.

    Well isn't the reverse true? That the salary that the Pat's offerred (five-year deal worth up to $31 million, with up to $11 million guaranteed) was fair and in-line with his market value and he didn't accept.
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    Right, you can argue it either way. If the player is only worth a #2 pick then why are the jesters offering so much money ?
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    Thanks, good read.

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