Article of how all Patriots FAs this year came be a winner

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Jan 26, 2008.

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    Lazy article.

    Perhaps Welker was left out since technically he didn't come as a FA.
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    Moss wasn't a FA either, so I'll go with hatred for Wes leaving FL for NE. :D
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    As a Patriot fan, I love how many of these guys want to play here to give it one more shot. I visit many other fan boards and I can tell you it pisses them off beyond belief so many great aging veterans are willing to play for the Patriots for less money.

    One guy even posted that rules should be put in place that prevents FA's from signing with a team if they are offered more money to play somewhere else. These are the kinds of things that many of us Patriot fans can find deeply satisfying.

    There is no better feeling in sports than to be a fan of the team everyone else hates. It truly is the sign of the ultimate achievement. I've read some fans who say they don't find satifaction in being hated & envied for what our team has achieved, but I think they're lying. Either that or they're just not that competitive.
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