Arrington to either Jags or Fins

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by drew4008, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. drew4008

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    Adam Schefter of the NFL Network reports that LB LaVar Arrington will likely end up in Florida, either with Jacksonville or Miami.
  2. DaBruinz

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    Schefter reported over a week ago that Arrington was going to the Giants. Not a lot of credibility for Schefter on this topic.
  3. yeah, Scheffter loves speculating and then it doesn't happen. The time I will believe it its when I see it on ESPN. It's ironic how should be the most credicle, yet a lot of times inaccurate. :( I guarentee the Pats are also talking to his agent as well.
  4. One more thing. The Pats simply cannot watch the Dolphins keep signing players and feel the gap closing smaller and smaller. They have to someone start signing players like Arrington to improve their team.
  5. Seymour93

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    There goes Jay Mariotti's credibility. :rolleyes:
  6. Jacky Roberts

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    Arrington puts Miami over the top in the AFC East IMHO.
  7. Pats Fanatic

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    Are you high.
  8. festy1986

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    Considering they were only what two games out? I think they have every shot at winning it as they do currently and adding someone like Arrington certainly doesn't hurt.

    That said, Pats win the easy IMO.
  9. BradyisGod

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    That's just silly. A linebacker makes or breaks Miami? You think Culpepper is going to be that good on a hobbled knee?

    This is tragic that one could be so misguided.
  10. KDPpatsfan

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    I agree that Miami will be dangerous this year and could well surpass the Pats for a few years while we rebuild.
  11. Crazy Patriot Guy

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    Hopefully we come out of left field much like Indy did with AV. Monday reports had it coming down to Green Bay or New England. All of a sudden he is a Colt on Tuesday. We've been quiet with these things before, I hope we can pick him up. If not, life goes on.
  12. BradyisGod

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    That 2 goes to 4 if the pats give a damn about that last game.

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