Arrested Development - 2 hour finale - Friday 2/10

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    For those select few of you who actually watched the show, and are savvy enough to follow the humor, you'll be interested to know that Fox is airing a 2 hour finale of new material as the show's swan song.

    Interestingly Fox hasn't yet officially "cancelled" the show - although most people think that's because they are holding them "hostage" from Showtime, that wants to pick the comedy series up.

    Instead they say they are hoping to give the show one last shot to "find their audience" (riiiight - that's why you moved it away from the Simpsons and Family Guy after Season One - shows with a similar audience - and are now pitting them against the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics on Friday night... good thinking Fox!)

    Anyway, if you are smart and have a good sense of humor, take a shot on the show or the DVDs

    Judging from the ratings most people don't fall into that category.
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