Around the Horn rips Patriots for trade

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatriotsInGA, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. PatriotsInGA

    PatriotsInGA In the Starting Line-Up

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    I'm watchin around the horn (My school got canceled here in GA yesterday becuz of possible snow that never came) and everyone but bob ryan was saying how the pats passed up the 12th pick just because belicheck was too clueless w/o pioli. they gotta learn that the top 20 picks get paid more than some experienced veterans. Ryan said that they didnt want the 12th pick so they can save cap for julius peppers?? could it happen?
  2. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? Supporter

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    That's what you get for watching Around the Horn.
  3. Joker

    Joker Supporter Supporter

    heh...yeah Bob "Bulb Nose Drunk" Ryan....he read yesterday's out of date news tickers and came up with this crap...pffffft
  4. spacecrime

    spacecrime Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    If ATH ripped the Pats for the trade, I'm already feeling better about it!
  5. Patriot_in_NY

    Patriot_in_NY Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    I was just gonna post that. It's official, We did the right thing. Yay US :D
  6. MrBigglesWorth

    MrBigglesWorth Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    yeah who wants that #12 pick. it's a bad investment
  7. CrazyDave

    CrazyDave In the Starting Line-Up

    ANYONE on espn calling BB clueless should really look in the mirror.

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  8. carolinatony

    carolinatony In the Starting Line-Up

    I hate that show
  9. PatriotsInGA

    PatriotsInGA In the Starting Line-Up

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    How do people go off calling espn "east coast bias" when every day they spend 3 hours looking for a way 2 rip the pats

    edit: bob ryan just got cut
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  10. Irish Hooligan

    Irish Hooligan Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    The network is pro NY teams and spends a massive amount of time ripping into the Boston based clubs. :mad: It has happened for decades with the mediots. IMO, anyway.
  11. ScottieC

    ScottieC In the Starting Line-Up

    You realize that those idiots script that thing, right?

    It's entertainment and as far from Sports Reporting that you can get.
  12. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    Incredible that every single one of them accept the rumor that BB passed on the #12 pick as fact. Then again, doesn't Around the Horn also feature Marriotti, who was just calling for Goodell to investigate the Pats for some sort of wrong doing in regards to the trade?
  13. blackglass3

    blackglass3 Supporter Supporter

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    The only time ATH was entertaining was the Friday before games in the 07 season when all those yahoo's would list reason after reason why the Patriots were going to lose that weeks upcoming game...and then watching them choke on thier bile when they had to spend the Monday show talking about how good the Pats were and why nothing they said happened.

    In hindsight, they all were against us until the Super Bowl, where they were all predicting us to dominate...I guess that should have clued me in that we were in danger.

    The next time those hacks get something right will be the first.
  14. if the 12th pick in the draft was available, the pats would have taken it.....

    but it wasn' they didn't
  15. ScottieC

    ScottieC In the Starting Line-Up

    Lets let this one go, Tanked.
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  16. spacecrime

    spacecrime Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    I wonder if Marrioti thought that through, that he is calling for the commissioner to force the Chiefs to give BB more picks?
  17. Wildo7

    Wildo7 Totally Full of It

    I don't agree with this being a bad trade, nor do I think BB got "swindled." And I don't necessarily believe the reports that are out there about what the Pats could or couldn't have gotten for him.

    But one argument I see being made ad nauseum on this board that makes zero sense to me is that the Pats would prefer to get a second over a high first because that means they wouldn't be tied up in a ridiculous rookie contract. If that's the case then the Pats could just trade the first for a high second and another second or even a first next year. Having a high draft pick is a bargaining chip that gives you enormous options to trade or move around or do whatever. I think that's a totally flawed and silly argument personally.
  18. captain insano

    captain insano In the Starting Line-Up

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    that show is a complete joke lmao. i cant believe you wasted a thread on what they think.
  19. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

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    They really should rename Around the Horn to "A bunch of irrelevant and mostly over the hill reports sitting around yelling over each other and saying 'controversial' (note: controversial is a a keyword for outlandish and stupid) things to desperately become relevant again". Most of the Around the Horn panel consists of over-the-hill reporters where sports has past them by (Bob Ryan, Woody Paige) or loud mouth blowhards who like to hear themselves by saying things not even they believe (Jay Mariotti, Woody Paige).

    The only time Around the Horn is remotely interesting is whenever they can convince an up and coming reporter that it is a good career move to sit with the normal bozos because even if the up and comer isn't that bright he will look like a genius next to guys like Marriotti and Paige. Micheal Smith falls in that category. Hence why he wins almost every time he is on. Granted I am basing that on the very limited amount of times I have watched the show.
  20. spacecrime

    spacecrime Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    You cannot always trade a high first.

    I can see BB not wanting the third pick in the draft. The money paid for the player is not worth the value you get, and it screws up the salary table, as in how do you re-sign Wilfork and Seymour after paying $60 mil to an unproven rookie

    I think BB would have taken the Denver first round pick if the Donkeys had offered it a couple days earlier, but once he agreed to trade with Pioli, he wasn't going to renege and send Cassel to Pioli's division rival. THat would be unconscionable.
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