Are you from Italy?

Discussion in 'Italian Patriots Fans' started by Ian, May 11, 2009.

  1. Ian

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    If so, welcome to the forum and be sure to invite other fans here as well!
  2. italian pat patriot

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    thanks Ian for it and thanks for yr daily efforts to keep this forum the best as it is

    i am a Patriot fan since the NFL 'arrived' in Italy beginning '80.

    the reason were 3 : the name, the logo on the helmet and the uniforms.

    first Patriot game i saw on tv was the Super Bowl XX (when we were 3-0 i started to dream...)

    when Adam Vinatieri closed the game against STL and gave us the first Super Bowl win that was the best moment in my sports life - awesome moment

    i was able finally to come to Foxboro and see 2 games live on 2005 (sunday night against BUF and monday night against IND) thanks to some friends i have in New England

    i will go to London to see Pats @ Bucs game this october (thanks to Uk fans) too

    excited about the fact the Pats will play 4 games with Pat Patriot and the throwbacks unis

    ciao for now, buonasera e spero che qualcun'altro tifoso italiano dei Patrioti del New England arrivi a sostenere questo thread
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  3. Patjew

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    IPP is truly one of our great posters!
  4. italian pat patriot

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    you too: no doubt

    let's see if one day we will be able to see together a game
  5. Patjew

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    That would be my pleasure!

    I think I will go to the Bills game this year. I want to see the throwbacks! :D
  6. italian pat patriot

    italian pat patriot In the Starting Line-Up

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    i planned also to come to make a trip to Us this year and 'combine' of course with, at least, 1 Patriot game but when it was annonced that the Pats would have been playing here in Europe i gave priority to Pats-Bucs game and it was done

    a game i would love to see is the game you will see but also, let's say expecially, Pats/Titans game both playing with throwbacks (i liked a lot also the old Oilers logo): that would be my priority game
  7. KDPPatsfan85

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    I dont live in Italy, but im 100% Italian. Both Parents born in Italy!! American Football of course Patriots, but when its world cup time- ITALIA ITALIA ITALIA!!!!:D
  8. italian pat patriot

    italian pat patriot In the Starting Line-Up

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    i remember 1982 win-that was amazing

    i remember (i was a kid) also 1970 when we lost in the final against Brazil but we won one of the best ever soccer games (Italy 4 - Germany 3)

    till 20 years ago i loved soccer: now not anymore (i see only the games playied by Italy in World Cup or European Cup but i do not follows anymore the italian teams like Juventus, Milan, Inter, etc.)

    i like only the NFL or, better, only the Patriots

    parli ancora italiano o non piu' ?
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  9. Tasco

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    Hello to all fellow italian Patsfans! =)
    I'm from Italy too. I've been reading this board for quite some time...maybe a year or so. Then I was forced to register by the board to be able to ready constantly. Pretty hard to find a lot of gathered info on the Pats if you don't want to click around on thousands of sites (and I really dislike twitter), so this place is really great to get all the newest stuff on my favourite team! ;)
    Let's hope for a successful 2010 season!
  10. patriotoirtap

    patriotoirtap Rookie

    here is another italian patriot!!!!!!:singing::rocker:
  11. Here's an Italian-Argentinian.
  12. PatsGuy

    PatsGuy Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    We've been to Italy 5-6x the last time was visitng our daughter who was living in Florence at the time. In our trips, we;ve coveredTuscany, Rome, Lucca Venice the western and eastern coasts but never south of Naples.
    Maybe next time: Any suggestions for Southern Italy?
  13. capataz

    capataz Rookie

    Hello everyone, I'm from Italy too. Don't know if it's the right place but... do you have any suggestion about where to buy tickets for the match of december 30th against dolphins? I'm not looking for the best seats, just something to enjoy the match. By the way, if we talk about prices, do you think it's better to wait some weeks before buying the tickets?
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  14. Hello everyone , I'm new on board , I just wanted to say that it's a pleasure to be part of this community . Hope to have nice time here discussing with other Patriots Fan and maybe learn spmething that I still ignore..

    Pats fan since 2001 ( 1st game ever watched on tv was the SnowBowl , I could barley see where the football was :D ) . Unfortunatly never been to a Pats game


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