are they all idiots?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by nowayback, Oct 31, 2007.

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    even the pro on pfw. 10 min left in game...they say run it up the middle. so ..they know we are running it up the middle with 3rd string back. what will happen? 3 and out! at least 8 in the box. so we put defense on the field. the defense willl be playing the rest of the game. can they get hurt too?

    if the other team has a prob..jsut run it too... then i am sure BB will do the same. but the other team comes out passing....then they do onside kick..they are going for it on 4th.

    are they blind with hate for BB
    did anyone of the national media talk about how the pats whipped a "great" defence?
    and in the end it is ENTERTAINMENT! why should the fan pay for 3 q's of football!

    THE BIG SHOW...πετγε and fred...only thing worth listening too
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    :yeahthat: BINGO!! BINGO!! BINGO!!

    Thank you for pointing out the obvious. As long as Joe Gibbs was still fighting for the game, why in HELL should the Patriots just roll over and act like "it's in the bag"???

    I've seen teams score three touchdowns in less than a minute. 21 points just like that. ANYTHING can happen in the NFL.

    Anybody who says the Pats are "running up the score" should get the Pats first team until the game is done.

    Oh, and if any cheap-shot artist wants to go after Brady or anyone else, let "field justice" prevail on that guy and his team. Ask Mangini and the Jets.

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