Are Brady's 10 divison titles a record?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Lifer, Dec 15, 2012.

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  1. Lifer

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    I cant think of another qb with more. Montana had 8. How many did Manning have with the Colts?
  2. rlcarr

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    According to the graphic ESPN showed during the Houston game, Manning has 9, which will be 10 any day now once Denver clinches.
  3. lurker1965

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    The Broncos have already clinched. Was that nine including this year?
    Other names to check out. Montana (Remember that last season with the Chiefs) Bart Starr, Roger Staubach, Terry Bradhaw, Otto Graham (are we including his 4 straight in the AAFC? If we are I'll bet he beats him because in 10 years he had ten Championship appearances and back in the '50s only Division winners make it.)
  4. WhoaDirty

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    Yes it's a record, it's been talked about in a couple games this year. Manning has nine, including this year.
  5. sly24

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    I'm pretty sure they mentioned it during the MNF game as it being a record.
  6. PatsFanSince74

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    Otto Graham also won ten division titles (some of them Conference titles since there were no "Divisions" in his day) according to his Canton Web Page, so Brady would be tied for the "All Time" record; not shabby company. Otto Graham is, BTW, considered by Canton as part of the "Modern Era," even though he played part of his career in the old AAFC. Go argue with them about that, not me.

    Steve Young won nine division titles. Staubach won eight. Manning now has nine. The others that have been mentioned either didn't play long enough or didn't win their Conference(old days)/Division enough times.

    As for League Titles ("Beyond" the Topic but not quite "Off" the topic):

    Graham (putting aside the question of whether or not you accept Canton's definition) holds the record for a Modern Era QB with seven titles.

    Bart Starr, whose career overlapped the Super Bowl era, holds the record for players who played part of their career in the SB era at five League titles (three before, two during). My personal view is that he holds this record for Modern Era QB's, but that's just my view, since as far as Canton is concerned it belongs to Graham.

    Bradshaw and Montana, as we all know, hold the record for players who played their entire career in the Super Bowl Era at four League titles.
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  7. Brady will never catch Sanchez for consecutive years leading the lead in snacks.
  8. Brady=Dilf

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    Yes, Manning's 9 includes this year.
  9. ahmed

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    Most impressive of all is that he did it with 11 seasons as a starting QB (i.e those that he played). All others did it in 13-14+ starting seasons.

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  10. jbb9s

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    another interesting stat shown a few weeks ago is in the years they didn't win (2008, 2002) they tied the division for wins (but lost the tiebreaker hence the division). Of course '08 was the Cassell year. So Belichick has won or been tied for or had the most wins for 12 straight years in the East.
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  11. Off The Grid

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    He's actually 12 for 12.

    It's just that the IDIOTIC TieBreaking Procedures ~ which UNFATHOMABLY don't have Strength of Schedule as #1 or #2 ~ screwed us out of two of the Divisional Championships that we've WON. :mad:

    ...But I'm not BITTER. :mad:
  12. goheels22002

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    Otto Graham was a system quarterback.
  13. PatsFanSince74

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    yeah...what was his time in the 40 and the 3 cone drill...
  14. hypotherion

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    Like we needed anymore evidence that he's the GOAT.
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  15. BoTown

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    Extending that, the Patriots haven't been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs prior to a Week 17 game since the 2000 season. No other NFL team can make that claim. The Pats were "in" the playoffs in 2002 and 2008 until the Jets and Dolphins won their respective Week 17 games.

    I was too young for Larry Bird's career, so Tom Brady has been my Larry Bird. I never dreamt I would witness this type of dominance from the Patriots, and now? I never want to wake up from this dream.
  16. Off The Grid

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    My bad: 11 for 11, of course.
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