Anyone see Manning's shot at us on Media Day?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by CheerforTom, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. CheerforTom

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    I'm not one to be overly bothered by this stuff, but this one got under my skin, maybe because it was early in the morning...

    During one of his conferences, he was asked to comment on how the Colts have been expected to get here for the last few years and haven't lived up to expectations, and after giving the generic answers he went out of his way to say (paraphrasing) "I think in the past we've been better than the ones who have made it here and won, but I guess it was just their time". To add insult to injury, the station I saw it on showed clips of the Pats' super bowls as he said it.

    What is with this season, everybody honestly seems to have a real hatred for New England.
  2. The Dog

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    I didn't see that conference, assuming that is an accurate take on what he said, he is then an idiot. I actually think I may root for the Bears now. He needs to focus on the present. What a dope.
  3. BelichickFan

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    Everyone hates winners. In terms of "everybody" we just need to be thick skinned and take pride in the reason they hate us.

    Assuming you got Peyton's quote right - f*ck him. I hope he talks it up and, win or lose, we'll have our shot at him next year.
  4. Seymour93

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    Did he really say that? What channel showed it? It's hard to believe because of the way he praised us for being the epitome of class after the AFCCG.

    How can it be Indy's time before they've even played the SB? You can tell the Colts are sort of new to this SB stuff being as c0cky as they are. All they're doing is making the Bears hungrier and hungrier.
  5. FloridaPatsFan

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    Its because we won't go away quietly into the night.
  6. dtbrks

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    Every team we played and beat on our run (in the playoffs anyway) probably feels like "hey, we are as good as them but lost, how did they do that"

    In manning's mind, he probably really thinks his teams had better talent (maybe they did), but they never had the heart.
  7. LA_Rams_Fan

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    Ohhhh I dunno. Maybe it's bc y'all have won 3 out of 4 SBs during the first half of this decade? You think that might have something to do w/ it possibly?:D I can remember when we had our run as the GSOT. You know right b4 y'all stole all that in 2001, ya the good yrs. Anyhoo in 2001 I had CLOSE personal friends of mine actually pulling AGAINST my own %@%$#$@ Ram team!!! It goes w/out saying that I'm not friends of theirs anymore, but it wasn't just on a national level. It happened even on a local one. Everyone it seemed absolutely HATED my beloved Rams. And honestly they hated us for NO GOOD @#$@%@#$#@ reason. THEY JUST DID.:mad:

    EVERYBODY...........and I mean EVERYBODY was a Patriot fan for SB 36. And what pi$$ed me off the most about that? Was that NOBODY gave two $hits about your team........UNTIL they played us in the SB. Look I understand that y'all cared about your own team, I get that really I do. I'm not trying to offend any of you, & I like your forum (you're nice ppl). I'm just talking about from a Ram fan perspective, & from the perspective of someone who doesn't live in Boston etc. Nobody cared about the Patriots, even after the Tuck rule (on a national level). Everybody was a Steeler fan, until you beat them. Then almost like MAGIC, the media invents this "Cinderella season" for the beloved upstart @#$@#%@#$ Patriots.:rolleyes: Ohhh what a load of cr@p. Y'all were the team that no one wanted to see in there, & surprised everybody when you won it.

    But were all those bandwagoners genuine Pats fans? Ohhhhh hell no, they dropped you like it was hot the very next yr. I've NEVER seen a TWO TIME SB Champion be considered an UNDERDOG, & for the life of me I still don't know how y'all manage to pull it off. But sure nuff, as your @%@#$@% Pattys were making their 3rd SB run nobody in the media said that they had a shot. (OK maybe a few did, but I'm making generalizations here). So once again you were the underdog against TO & the Beagles. Heck even this yr. you were supposed to get mowed up by the Chargers, & if they had a REAL coach you very well might have. Suffice to say after all this time it's AMAZING that a 3x SB Champion hasn't picked up a litany of band wagon loving fans, & it might be due to the ugly style w/ which you win. Hey no offense I'd love to win 3 SBs on a FG. All I'm getting at is that for whatever reason, ppl certainly don't love to cheer for the Pats. And w/ as much success as y'all have enjoyed? Ppl DEFINITELY love to watch you go DOWN, especially ME. So some of you may not understand it, but even if you don't. I hope your Patriots finally have to pay that piper, & FINALLY stop winning the $@$#@%#@ SB.:mad:
  8. BigEZPatsFan76

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    You know there is an old adage: "History tends to repeat itself".

    Back when "happy feet" was at Tennessee, and LOSING TO FLORIDA and Steve Spurrier EVERY year of his 4 year tenure, they always made the claim after they lost, that they were the "better team", but ran out of time, etc despite getting soundly defeated all 4 years. But, despite their claim to being the "better team" every year (before and after the games), some how, they always ended up on the wrong end of the stat that mattered....SCOREBOARD. He is just "defaulting" back to his college days.

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  9. Brady to Brown

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    I heard Manning say this and watched the Patriots highlites as he said it. Cannot imagine who else he was talking about if not the Patriots. Maybe the Steelers.
  10. Seymour93

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    We were favored by 7 points over the Eagles in SB XXXIX.
  11. MoLewisrocks

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    We may have been the Vegas odds favorites but the Eagles quickly became the media darlings and toney pick as that week went on lest you forget (Fly Eagles nauseum).

    If in his heart of hearts Peyton really believes what he said he may be setting his Colts up for failure. Polian on the other hand seems to be trying to both repair his whiny image and improve his SB karma this week saying the recent apparent AFC dominance is due in part to the quality of QB play in that division, and the dominance of "a trancendant team" who won 3 of the last 5 Superbowls.
  12. LA_Rams_Fan

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    OH NO YOU AGAIN?!?!?:eek: What have you been just waiting to pounce all morning or something? Man it'd be nice if they put a bell on you or some kinda alarm when you're in the thread.:p (YES for the love of gawd I'm kidding, you're fine....really). Seriously that's cool, & you should've been favored......THe Beagles were choke artists. Coincidentally just like the Chargers were, but I digress. Point is all through that SB run I remember y'all were considered underdogs, & it was baffling. You're right when you finally reached the SB, they finally gave you some love. But wasn't that the yr. that you had Brown playing in the secondary, & your DBs were walking wounded? I never remember every yr. it's something w/ y'all. Like this one where you have NO WRs, yet somehow get to the AFC Championship?!!?!?:mad: Hmmmm blood pressure's starting to spike again, better calm down. Point is I don't ever remember the media in any of your SB yrs. ever saying the Pats were a lock to win the SB. And that still surprises me even now. I'm sure there are some stats, or old articles that could suggest otherwise but whatever. Doesn't matter to me anyway, since I don't like your team.;)
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  13. BelichickFan

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    How about if you go away and quit hijacking threads ? :confused:
  14. Seymour93

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    Hmmm... I rememeber the general consensus being something like "Ohh No the Pats are going to win another SB and there's no stopping them," after we dominated Indy in the divisional round.

    Yep that was the year. Randall Gay started.

    We were also favored over the Panthers FWIW.
  15. LA_Rams_Fan

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    Really? Wow go figure learn something new everyday. I don't think you were favored quite as much as you were vs. the Beagles though right? Doesn't matter just curious.:cool:

    My gosh I'm sorry I must have gotten this place confused w/ another webpage.:confused: I thought this was a football msg board, where fans could communicate w/ one another & discuss the sport in a PUBLIC forum. My goodness I just don't know WHERE I came up w/ such a wacky idea. Must have picked it up at kindergarten or something. Consequently you'd think they'd eventually pass you through w/ a grandfather clause? Ah well, at least the finger painting is fun!!! Anyway Belichick I wasn't trying to hijack a thread, but actually answer the original poster's question. You know the one about "why ppl hate y'all so much?" Seeing as how I'm somewhat of an expert on that subject, & have a unique perspective on it I felt obliged to share. So what are YOU discussing in this thread btw BFan?:D
  16. ATippett56

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    Actually this is a private club where we eat caviar, drink single malt scotch, and smoke Cuban cigars while discussing Patriots football. However, you can make yourself useful by picking up the dirty dishes and empty glasses. The dishwasher awaits you!
  17. Fixit

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    I don't know anything about you as a human being, but I honestly can't stand you as a poster. I don't even bother to read your posts anymore. You could be talking about the cure for cancer and I still wouldn't notice, because that color scheme is goddamn annoying, and your overall posting style even more so. Try posting like a grownup...see how it fits.
  18. LA_Rams_Fan

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    I just KNEW there were sections of this board, that were Patriot fans ONLY.:mad: It's not fair I tell ya!!! Other NFL fans need love to. And I sure wish this wasn't the first time that I've been put on dishes duty. Man why does this keep happening everywhere I go? Ahhh well Dawn detergent here I come!!!:p Good stuff btw man, you get props for creativity & delivery. That was hilarious, & I give you an 8 out of 10. You would've gotten a perfect score if you had just used a little COLOR in your post.;)

    Ohhh my gawd I think I'm going to CRY. STOP IT OK..........JUST STOP IT!!!! You're being mean to me, & you're going to make me call you a poo poo head!!! So just leave me big bully. Hmmmmm nooo, I don't think this grown up thing is going to work out for me at all. Besides if that meant I'd have to act like you, then I'd probably have to shoot myself. If it's any consolation for you there padre I'm not using this code to annoy anyone. It might even come as a shock to you that I've been told numerous times by a host of posters (from many different boards), that they actually like my style. Course I'm not doing it to please them either, but I'm just saying that there are ppl who aren't wound so tight who actually do enjoy it. Although I doubt you'll believe that, since you don't really like me & you don't strike me as the type who smiles alot. In any event I guess none of this really matters since according to you "you don't read my posts anymore." Which is a good thing, cause it means you won't be reading this. It's funny that you still took time to respond to me anyway though? Way to really ignore me there buddy..........GOOD JOB!!!:D
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  19. wdkantro2

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    Exactly right. No one wants a dynasty to last any longer than 5 years, and we are in the 6th, beating the best team in the league and losing an epic battle in the AFCCG.

    And that Rams guy drives me nuts. Why is he here?
  20. ATippett56

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    While you're still here, please relight my cigar and refill my glass.

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