Anyone listen to 103.7FM from RI last nite?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Michael, Jan 8, 2006.

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    I usually put on Coast To Coast when I go to bed, but last night (actually this morning around 2 AM) I left it on 103.7 FM from Providence. I don't know who's show it was, but it was a national show (ESPN maybe). The host was going off on the callers. He's an admitted Jets fan and did about a 5 minute monologue about the other teams in the play-offs better look out because the Patriots are coming and your not stopping them. He said he couldn't understand why the more the Patriots win the more lightly people want to take them. He wrapped up with "Brady is 10 and 0 in the play-offs 'nuff said."
    I guess you could say that he was doing it because he knew it would rile people who love to hate the Pats into calling. But, I heard one caller who said he was a Cowboys fan ( and I did believe him) say "I'll go on record that not only are the Pats going to the SB this year, but next year as well." I have to confess I cringed listening to all this.
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    That was on Fox Sports Radio, it was on WEEI at the time also. He really was over the top, he might have simply decided last night he'd stir up controversy by being a stereotypical Patriots troll, he was pretty obnoxious.
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