Anyone going to Chargers game?

Discussion in 'Patriots Fan Tailgate Meet Ups' started by Mark Morse, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Mark Morse

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    Stop by the Razor's Edge Tailgate in Lot 51 (Entrance P10 from North of Stadium) and say hello. We are located along the fence parralell to Route 1, usually near the Billboard and the Pedestrian entrance. You can't miss us, we usually have 4-5 canopies strung together and have the Full Tilt Full Time sign hung on the fence.
  2. kmac14

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    Have seen your set-up on several occasions....Sunday cannot come soon enough....home opener, nice weather and Brady told me I had to over indulge although the wife said otherwise!
  3. Mark Morse

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    Stay thirsty my friend!
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  4. Would you happen to have room for 2 more? I would like to contribute to the food and cost. Coming from the west coast, use to live in Cape Cod before joing the Navy. GO PATS!!

  5. Got room for 1 adult and 1 8yro? Coming from the West Coast, stationed in WA on Naval Station Everett. GO PATS!!!

  6. S_FLPatsfan

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    I was just at the Landshark,sunlife, J-Lo stadium watching the Pats put up an air show. Im hungry for more and wish I can make it to that game:rocker:
  7. pobjednik95

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    hate the chargers

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