Anybody getting that feeling back?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by stinkypete, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. stinkypete

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    Remember the way the 2003 and 2004 seasons felt? Being a Pats fan came with a sense of swagger, a feeling of indestructability. It didn't matter how many injuries we had, or how powerful our opponent, you just know we would win.

    Something changed around the time Bruschi suffered his stroke. It felt like someone let all the air out of the balloon. Ty Law. David Patten. Ted Johnson. Willie McGinnest. David Givens. Adam Vinateiri. Deion Branch. Our roster had a slow leak. Injuries suddenly became crippling.

    Sure, we talked the talk. We talked three-peat in '05. We felt like world beaters for a week after coming back against San Diego. Those teams were solid, they might even have been contenders, but there was always a feeling of unease. We were no longer winning the physical games. Suddenly we couldn't beat Peyton Manning anymore. We winced each time the defense took the field in a big game. For all the brashness of the Pats fan, there was always a fear in the back of our minds.

    With the signing of Thomas, I'm starting to get that old feeling back. Just imagine the first time this defense takes the field in September. Thomas and Colvin rushing the passer. The smartest pair of ILBs in the league. Rodney making his last stand. Samuel playing pissed. Wilson in his contract year. The best Dline in the game. An influx of youth from the draft. This team is going to be a monster!

    The feeling is back. The Pats are once again the power of the NFL.
  2. SeauOUCH

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    Hell yes, I just placed a $500.00 bet on the Pats to win the '08 Superbowl ( at 10-1 ), I think the only thing that can derail us this year is injuries.
  3. signbabybrady

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    I got that feeling the feeling is the Patriots going to the SuperBowl
  4. signbabybrady

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    where did you find the pats at 10-1 I thought the odds were more like 5-1
  5. Sean Pa Patriot

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    I got the feeling with the Rodney Harrison and Rosie Colvin signings in 03

    I got the feeling with the Trade for Corey Dillion

    I have some of that feeling with Adalius Thomas signing

    If we sign a quality WR, make the plans for Arizona....
  6. Joker

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    Wait til Dave Thomas blows up this season at TE and H back...I'm already jacked and the season start is 6 months away...damn
  7. PATRIOT64

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    Signing Thomas is a great situation for NE,but one player makes very little reason why you can start planning for a trip to Arizona in February 2008,Remember the greatest LB in my lifetime was Lawrence Taylor and when I was small it was Dick Butkus...I don't remember them winning the Super Bowl every year when those guys played with their respective teams..Its going to take a 52 man crew together to win another SB,along with good coaching,One superstar highly regarded athlete is nice to have but means little to the areas he does not play at.

    Don't take me wrong,I think Adalius upgrades our defense quite nicely but I think guys on here are WAY OVERBOARD with SB plans already when the guy has yet to play a down in NE or even passed his physical yet,he can't do it all himself nor will he be the deciding factor in all our wins this upcoming season,he will upgrade LB but does not mean we will improve as a whole D unit...Calm down guys,One player helps but does not mean a thing if the other 51 are not on the same page,Lets take it slow and easy here -JMHO.
  8. Aldogg

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    This is a strong start, we still got some work to do, but I feel some of that swagger coming back. I don't want to think SB now, but we still got some nice space and 2 first rounders, and now I think nobody can put a finger on our draft now, since everybody might have thought we were looking LB bad before Thomas came aboard.
  9. robertweathers

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    Agreed 100% Bottom line is that we just didn't have "It" to get us over the hump in 2005 and 2006. I don't know what it is (clutch play, talent, swagger, attitiude, etc.), but I think signing Thomas gets the Pats ALL of those things. The front office clearly has an attitude this offeseason. I dont know about the players. I think they did last year, but just didnt have the depth or the talent as the 2nd 1/2 vs the Colts indicated.

    We are back in the saddle again!!!:rocker:
  10. TruthSeeker

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    Too early fellas. Still need to fix the WR and running game situation (better blocking skills ? better blocking schemes ? a solid backup for Maroney). The secondary is still a weakness on defense IMO. Lots of holes to fill, but certainly enough ammo ($$ & draft picks) to get the job done. Two things to consider, a brutal schedule and our tendency to suffer debilitating injuries. If we can avoid the injuries, and start showing we can beat good teams during the regular season, AND fill those holes, then maybe, just maybe, another parade. Too many IF's just yet.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Thomas & Brady signings, just maybe trying to be the voice of reason.
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  11. robertweathers

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    It's always good to have a voice of reason out there. Their schedule is brutal. The draft hasn't even taken place yet. June 1st cuts haven't happened. No one is hurt or there have been no major injuries yet.

    With that said, I still like the attitude and the message KraftBeliPioli are sending to the rest of the league, the players and the fans which is, "We are pissed and want to win now."
  12. pats1

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    My signature says it all...(and it's been like that since January)
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  13. MrBigglesWorth

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    ditto, I feel the same way, they're gonna win it all.
  14. italian pat patriot

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    i have a beautiful feeling and i'm allready looking forward next season

    we are lucky to be fans of this team !

    and in april: 2 first round picks ! we must enjoy these moments...
  15. Gon_Trevil

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    Nothing like a flashy FA signing to fill up the ol' bandwagon.

    I had the same feeling last year. And the year before that. This team could easily have won the last two Super Bowls if not for a pair of truly fluky playoff defeats. I don't plan on giving way to that feeling again. Too painful when it all crumbles on you.
  16. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    It does suck to look back on how close we were the past 2 years. We win in Denver we get a very beatable Pitt team in Foxboro. Pitt was hot, but I'd like that game in our house.

    We make a couple of key plays in the 2nd 1/2 vs Indy and we are working on the 2nd hand in 2007.

    We needed an "over the hump" off-season and we are off to a spectacular start!!!!

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