any socal pat fans tired of all the charger talk?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patfanortiz_06, Dec 25, 2007.

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  1. Living in socal as a pats fan is hard enough with all the raider fans but now the chargers are the up and coming team now for a while. Especially now that they've won 5 games in a row and cromartie finally isn't playing like a bum im hearing from a lot of charger fans (a lot of ignorant fans) that the pats stand no chance against the chargers in the playoffs. They state that cromartie is going to shut down moss and that LT will have his way with the pats D. My question to them is why didn't they do it week 2 and does anybody know when brady had a bad playoff game besides the bronco loss 2 years ago, I don't.
  2. Nitro

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    chargers are the least of anyones worries. they are irrelevent. one playoff game, done, as usual
  3. wizwor

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    Curious how and when you became a Pats fan. Are you a transplant? Brady fan?
  4. I wouldn't totally blow them off and say they wouldn't give us a game but come on to shut down the pats you need to have physical cover corners like philly with lito shepard and baltimore with mcallister had pitts only had cover corners but sd only has good corners and its definetly not enough to just have good corners against the pats
  5. I take offense to that kind of a comment I don't think a transplant would have cried after favre beat the pats or after jake the snake beat them or rather how we beat ourselves in that game or would have snuck out of his house to join labor ready just to steal a seat a qualcomm stadium to see my team or would have gotten kicked out of a local restaurant for throwing a fit after the afc championship game last jan
  6. wizwor

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    No offense intended. I have always rooted for the home team. It amazes me to see how many fans the Sox and Pats have when they are on the road. New England is affluent, so I guess a lot of people travel to games, and people retire to warmer climes, so I guess that helps, but I wonder where we get the rest of our far-from-home fans.
  7. I guess I missunderstood your comment. No im not originaly from boston or mass. Or rhode island or anything im a socal native but have only rooted and will only root for the pats im only 19 and believe school wasn't easy being a pat fan especially after the divisional round of jan. 02 but I love the patriots with all my heart man and I swear if we lose in these playoffs im gonna lose it. But what am I saying we almost had the afc champ. Game won last year with caldwell and gaffney were gonna kick ass this time around right
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    If you live in a city that has a team you don't root for you will always hear things you don't like about your team. Just ignore it. I can't believe you started a thread to complain about something so trivial and insignificant.
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  9. I see your point but then again this is a sort of socal pat fans unite type of thread so if your not from around here you shouldn't have any interest in this thread anyway
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    I'm an ex-Bostonian living in San Diego. Man do they hate our team down here.

    San Diegans in general are amazingly open and friendly people (one of the reasons I love living down here), but they hate NE.

    I still wear my Brady jersey everywhere though and get some nasty looks now and then.

    Go Pats!!
  11. Snarf

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    One thing I'd like to add: San Diego fans are VERY welcoming at Qualcomm Stadium, to NE fans, or otherwise.

    In some stadiums you feel downright uncomfortable as a visiting fan, but it's very friendly down here in San Diego. Tons of out of transplants live here so it's generally a very mixed crowd.

    Say what you want about LT's babiness and the classlessness of some of the Chargers, but San Diego residents in general are very cool people.
  12. PatsWorldChamps

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    once again you defend the whiner chargers
  13. BelichickFan

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    I'm good with the Chargers, if they are the #3 seed and win their first round game then they go to Indy round two - and I'll be rooting for them.
  14. sanvara

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    And once again you complain when someone doesn't see things your way.
  15. sanvara

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    As will every Pats fan. The Colts give the Pats fits. If they meet, the Chargers will have a good shot at the upset too. Their defense matches up very well with Manning.
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  16. No doubt they need to stop calling LT the most humble player in the leauge cuz the only humble players are punters and its true id rather face sd then indy. So if it does come to sd losing in the afc championship who wants to bet LT will be finding another excuse to try and cry about NE
  17. BradyFTW!

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    Not directed at me, but I can answer that too as a Pats fan in Irvine who knows a few other Pats fans. Of the group that I prefer to watch games with, we're all transplants. I moved from Boston a year ago, others did a bit further back, but there really aren't many Pats fans that aren't from NE here. Most people don't like the Pats, so it wouldn't make sense for someone to jump on the bandwagon out here without having some history with the team.
  18. spacecrime

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    No, only you fair weather fans. Pats fans believe that their teams is the best team in the league, superior to all the other teams.

    The best playoff year we had was watching Brady beat Manning and McNair, the two co-MVPs.

    Stop worrying about who the Pats will play and hoping they draw weak opponents. Being World Champ means you can beat all the other teams. If you can't do that, or luck out in the playoff opponents you face, why pretend you are World Champs?

    The most satisfying SB to me is Pats and Cowboys. I want the Colts in the AFCCG, and probably the Steelers in the Division round, though the Chargers would be a close second in a team I'd like to see the Pats humiliate a third time in 12 months, I doubt they make it to the second round.
  19. Grizzafted

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    bums. I'd like to knock them out of the playoffs again even more than the colts.

    But hey, with Philip Rivers at QB and Norv Turner as HC, who wouldn't like their playoff chances? :rolleyes:
  20. Snake

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    I live in So Cal (I lived in Maine for 55 years then retired and moved)..south Orange County, and there is a wide variety of NFL fans in the area being that many are transplanted Easterners.

    The Fox Sports Grill in the Irvine Spectrum Center is representative of Patriot loyalty as as many as 100 Patriot fans have gathered to support the team.

    That said, the 9/16 game with the Chargers is memorable. The Fox Sports Grill had lots of Charger fans that night, and many were pretty outspoken about how they hated the Patriots and how the Patriots were handed the playoff game last January not to mention the disrespect the Patriots showed by dancing on their mid field logo. After about the first 10 minutes into the game, we didn't hear much from the San Diego fans. :D

    There are a couple Charger boards that are fun to go to. They have a preoccupation with anything that is Patriot, and I have yet to find another fan base that really wants to anihiliate the Patriots like the Chargers fans want their team to do. I suspect the Charger fans are more deeply into a possible rivalry than are the Patriots fans.

    But living out here, and occasionally going to their boards begins to convince even the most ardent Patriots fans that the Chargers are THE team that will kill the Patriots. It's all pretty interesting and a whole lot of fun.

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