Any Samuel updates?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Alk, Mar 19, 2007.

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    I know a couple weeks ago there was an interview where he said something along the lines of both sides are very happy right now. I honestly expected to hear that he had signed by now. Has there been any word about what's going on?
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    If I was the FO and we were generally agreed on money, I'd hold off here too. There are options to front or back load the contract which might be important if the team tries to make a big move prior to or on draft day.
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    Exactly. You can't redo a deal with a newly signed player, so you need to wait until camp begins and the player is looking for security in case of injury.
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    I think if there was any important updates there would be a 40 page thread on it.
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    Great point. It sounded to me like they may well have an agreement in principle, to be finalized after the draft. Trading up in the 1st vs. down to the 2nd vs out to 2008 could shift around millions of cap dollars.
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    Many people have mentioned that they thought that Samuel's comments meant that he and the team had come to an agreement already, just that the Pats were waiting until right before the draft to announce it so that other teams wouldn't know what the Pats were up to.
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    Samuel and his agent are taking the mature approach to the situation likely based on an understanding with the team that one of two things will happen. Either they will continue to productively negotiate to persue a long term deal OR he will be traded to a team who will agree to give him one.

    In Briggs case apparently the Bears have indicated to him either directly or implicitly that they are not interested in further negotiations persuant to a long term deal nor do they have any interest in trading the player to someone who is willing to give him his deal.

    Each players "attitude" could change over night should their positions become reversed.

    Asante is currently keeping the atmosphere light. But so did Deion at this juncture. Difference here is Asante's agent appears to be far more rational than Deion's was and is said to have a good relationship with the team. Asante is skipping the off season program, as he did last year although the circumstances then were his wife was expecting, but claiming the rationale is just that he (now) prefers to workout at home. (A rationale BB does not embrace btw and will likely strucure to avoid if a long term deal is signed.) The next gut check will be mini camp in May (if he is not in fact still shopped or traded pre draft or the team drafts a CB in the first round).

    Teams only have until July 15th to work out a long term deal with a franchise tagged player. After that he can only be signed to a one year deal (essentially the tag) until the last week of the season. I believe recently some tagged players have opted to sign an alternate one year deal as opposed to signing their tag that stipulates they will not be re-tagged as a trade off/compromise to get them into camp. Seattle did that with Shaun Alexander.
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    I just wish to god they would sign him to an extension already.

    I know they may have their reasons for it not being done right now, but as a fan, it's just so annoying to have key moves delayed so long. It would be nice just once to have all the ducks in order.
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    And four re-post threads.
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    If a lame Reche Caldwell thread can get hundreds of posts an Asante quote would double it around here.

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