Any chance that we would take a flyer on....

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    Charles Rogers who was released by the Lions? I know this guy has had some injury problems and a fair amount of off field issues....but man, he was/is so talented.......any way we would take a flyer on him or his he not worth the risk....thanks for your opinion......
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    Not a chance.

    Absolutely not.

    Did I mention No?
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    Have you been living with Bin Laden in a cave the last 3 months ? Charles Rogers has been spoken about here at these message boards ad naseum everyday, with yes, no and maybe so comments forever.

    All kidding aside, I feel about 90% of the patsfans are against it, and about 10% think it would be a good idea (me included). I think we missed the Charles Rogers boat (not that we possibly bought tickets for that boat), I believe the Dolphins are making a decision on him as we speak, I read he was in their camp for a tryout.

    I say we stay with what we have, see what Gabriel & Jackson give us when they are healthy. Then in April, we do whatever we can to get Calvin Johnson from Georgia Tech, this guy is going to be incredible. I wouldn't mind Ted Ginn Jr of Ohio State either. Lotsa good receivers coming out of college. I like Jeff Samarjia (championship!!!!, nobody can hay his name either, lol) of Notre Dame also.
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