Any belief about the Super Bowl trend of Parcells?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. PATRIOT64

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    I was reading where it is a fact that Parcells lucky number ends in 6 - in 1986 he took the Giants to the promised land...In 1996 the Patriots got is now the cowboys continue that?...Drew so deserves a shot,but with 'T'erminally 'O'pinionated on board as WR (thats T.O. to those who misunderstand)..I don't want to see that happen
  2. MrClutch

    MrClutch Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Everyone is talking about it. They say Bledsoe goes down once more just as he did in 2001 and Tony Romo comes in and becomes the next Brady.:confused:
  3. MrClutch

    MrClutch Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    and also when T.O. signed with the Eagles, they went to the superbowl and now he signs with Cowboys and it's possible but I don't really believe in all that, just some random information.
  4. MrClutch

    MrClutch Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    now that I keep thinking about it lol it just seems more wierd or it's just all in my head. Pats lost thei opener with Bledsoe in 2001 and so did the Cowboys:eek: I still refuse to believe:cool:
  5. TruthSeeker

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    To put it bluntly, no.
  6. PATSNUTme

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    So, parcells number is 666?:scared:
  7. Bill's Girl

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    In 1986 BB was the Defensive Coordinator, 1996 was BB's first year with the Patriots after he was fired by Cleveland. BB is not with the Cowboys in 2006, so this theory is a bunch of BS!! :D
  8. Pat the Pats Fan

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    Parcell's wasn't the reason those teams made it to the super bowl, it was his defensive coordinator that was the key reason....

    Parcell's has never made it without BB!!! He won't this year either....
  9. Weishuhn

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    Amen brother! Parcells' lucky years are the ones that he had BB on his staff.
  10. mtbykr

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    Well since we're talking trends: the pats won in 01, then lost, then won 2, then lost, so then I guess we can assume the pats will now win 3 in a row.......they can beat the cowboys this year, that's fine:D :rocker:
  11. Bella*chick

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    I agree with this. Parcells looks more and more tired and just plain old the more I see him. I get that the media would love to see them in the SB, but unless something drastic happens with their QB situation, it isn't going to happen.
  12. RayClay

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    :enranged: :rocker: :bricks:
  13. jimmyjames

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    Just curious, why do you think Bledsoe "so deserves a shot?"
  14. goalkeepr

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    Absolutely. Sure, it's not surprising that a coach as good as Parcells would make it to the Super Bowl twice, but let's certainly not discount the huge factor that '6' plays in all of this.

    With the tremendous sample size involved here and incredible amount of supporting data, how can anyone not wholeheartedly support the '6' theory? :bricks:

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