ANTI-Denver game

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by the taildragger, Jan 15, 2007.

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    the parallels at the outset were just scary...trapped in bad field position...somehow we kick a FG to score first...then came a 3rd and short and AGAIN we ran Faulk right up the middle on a draw!!!

    This time he didn't fumble.

    If you were looking for an early sign that was it.

    I figured we'd need all the breaks.

    THANK YOU MARTY! We had no answer for Gates but you decided not to trust your QB to win the game...LT was the Thurman Thomas of this game, BB didn't care how many yards he got we just wanted to keep him in front of us and other than one play managed to do that. And hats off to the Bolts' receivers who definitely could not handle the pressure.

    Anyone else still think their secondary stinks? Maybe against great receivers but they blanketed us like Miami and being a zone team I didn't think they'd be able to do had to be impressed with their defense.

    Dear LT, don't ever refer to yourself as "a very classy person"...for a guy who is reportedly so "humble" you've talked a hell of a lot about yourself this year...I'm so sick of hearing "as great a player as he is, he's an even better person."

    Cue the violins!

    Let me help explain something to that whiny little diva -- you see there's a slight problem with his whole "no class" theory: MERRIMAN'S DANCE IS ITSELF CLASSLESS!!!!!...IT COULDN'T BE ANY MORE he's on the receiving end of it....priceless.


    That team should've destroyed us. We had no business being in the game at the end.

    Not to be nit picky but I really question the rationale of punting the ball back to them on 4th and short in their territory throughout the game...I mean was their ever a punt where their offense didn't immediately get right back to where we punted from in about two plays? can't voluntarily turn the ball over like that against them.

    But overall BB totally outclassed the confirmed underachiever on the other side of the field...who is clearly snake-bitten at this point. As good a guy as he probably is he must be fired -- those players will never have confidence in him at this point.

    Yeah, Tom struggled, but we never want to give the other team credit...they played as tough a defensive game as we've EVER SEEN. And although the receivers are coming along that trust still isn't there yet...we kept the TEs in for protection and it really hurt us early when we needed to throw to them. All in all, goes down just below the Snow Bowl as maybe TB's best comeback...11 points in the last 4:30 to win?...especially after the way we'd struggled throughout the game.

    You put BB on that team and they beat us by at least 20 put BB on their sideline AND TB on their offense and they win by 50 points.

    Can't wait for Felger to continue to doubt Gostkowski this week...he's doing unprecedented stuff for a rookie kicker...he's had to deal with all kinds of pressure all year long...especially after slipping on the beach earlier in the year...he's had multiple holders too...too early to give him any awards or recognition but given the circumstances, we're witnessing maybe the two best rookie seasons in franchise history (with Maroney).

    We'll definitely see these guys again...with a better coach. They're built to last. I friggin hate the AFC West!

    We're fairly healthy considering all the street fights we've been in over the past month.

    Can you believe we're going to Indy for the AFCC?

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    Y'know, I too was thinking the SAME thing at halftime.........."here we go again, this is just like last year's playoff game in Denver - what a nightmare".

    That's what makes this victory so special and so important in the long-run. They invented a way to slay the dragon. They solved the mystery and that may be the most important advance for them going forward.
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    The only thing that gave me hope in the first half was the TD to Gaffney. When the Pats score a TD in the first half they are 13-1 this year (Colts being the only loss). When they don't they are 0-3.

    I would have never believed SD had MORE turnovers, since their offense only committed one legitimate TO (that Rivers fumble was on 4th down and produced the same result as a sack). The other 2 SD turnovers were actually on Patriot possessions.

    What a wild game, I can't believe the Pats pulled it out. Indy seems like a breather compared to San Diego.
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    Let's not forget the ben watson breakup at the one yard line that should have been picked off by the chargers.

    That was an emotionally draining game.

    Hopefully the high will carry the pats right into the indy game and they can give some payback.

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